Hyperinflation? - "News"

Apparently if this month is not a fluke the USA will be looking at a 7% or more inflation rate.

It doesn't look like the corporate advertiser approved "news" really covered this.

Wednesday 4-14-20



All that doom and gloom and you can till buy a box of pasta for a buck at our local largest retailer. They say that pasta is often cheap because it's considered filling. It keeps the masses full, never mind it's not very nutritional for people but that's the way it is for low income individuals. Keep the starches low and everything else rising!

Yeah we're fine right now. It's only the one month that is concerning. I think it could be the start of hyperinflation. We'll know more next month.

Maybe they are just letting all these countries make back all they lost in tariffs/trade when Trump was in office since it's lumber, steel, and other hard materials that are flying through the roof more than food right now. You never know what dastardly things they are up to.