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💥 Dear friends, welcome everyone to my blog! Today I will talk about a very unusual and interesting ICO project. We will discuss how CarbonChain introduces blockchain technology and smart contracts to the carbon credits and crypto-development community, as well as discuss in detail the details of ICO.

Carbon Chain is a cryptocurrency which manages carbon credits generated from United Nations registered carbon mitigation projects. The Carbon Chain project aims to build a decentralized platform backed by blockchain technology where 'Carbon Credits' can be exchanged by both public (even, governments) and private firms and institutions. Through an exchange hosted on the Carbon Chain platform, Carbon Credits can be sold at a discounted rate by using its block chain-powered Carbon Credit Exchange (CCX) and the Carbon Chain Token (CCT).

What are the Challenges in Managing Carbon Credits?

  • There are a lot of challenges on managing carbon credits without a blockchain platform. There is a lack of transparency and thus lack of credibility on the information related to its validation. Without blockchain, there always remains a possibility of a fraud. Carbon Tracking and Carbon Trading are both mis-managed today and are critical issues that needs to be solved.
  • Carbon Chain is building up a blockchain record framework, which will enable nations to demonstrate to whatever is left of the world how they, as a signatory to the Paris Agreement, are really accomplishing their National Determined Contributions.

Carbon Credit Exchange (CCX) - The Carbon Chain Exchange (CCX) will offer a protected, secure, and straightforward stage for constant exchanging.

The Carbon Credit Exchange (CCX), overseen via Carbon Chain, offers Carbon Credits available to be purchased to governments and organizations alike. These Carbon Credits exchange on the Carbon Credit Exchange.

💥 Benefits of platform

  • Users will have access to the CarbonChain e-Wallet that would store CCT, CCPT, BTC and ETH.

  • It also permit users to use those cryptocurrencies as a collateral for the purpose of receiving loans.

  • Carbon Credit Exchange (CCX) - Will offer a protected, secure, and straightforward stage for constant and swift exchanging.

  • Offers a quality promotion option as Affiliate-tier participants referring more people to the ICO for a chance to win an electric car which might also be redeemed to money equivalent if suitable.

  • It also offers carbon credits available to be purchased to governments and organizations. The carbon credits are to be exchanged on the Carbon Credit Exchange.

  • CCTs are going to be fully tradeable externally, till carbon chain International plans to develop a way for companies and countries to prove the authenticity of their participation in the emission reduction program.

💥 Check out this project in more detail watch this video

💥 Carbon Chain Ecosystem.

The carbon credit system and common emission reduction schemes is a transparent and reliable trading infrastructure which will be a major deal for good use case of blockchain technology.

CarbonChain intends to solve the following setbacks:

  • To provide a decentralised market place for carbon credit, with real benefits for both carbon credit buyers and its investors.
  • It offers to develop a blockchain-based system for accessing the achievement of carbon emission reduction process, and focusing on the issue of transparency.

🚀 ICO details

  • Start Public Sale 21st November, 2018 and will last until 9 december, 2018
  • Token name - CCT
  • Token price Public Sale - 1 CCT = USD 0.10
  • Hard Cap - 22,000,000 USD

💥 Why is it worth supporting this project:

💥 CarbonChain team, absolutely all its employees work for the benefit of the company and are always ready to help in any matter. They are always in touch and do not lose sight of. Indeed, at the current moment, when we are talking about ICO projects, this fact is very important.

💥 All prototypes made by the CarbonChain development team are publicly available, now you can familiarize yourself with and try out this system.

💥 The leaders of this project have tremendous experience in doing business of this kind and CarbonChain, certainly will succeed. Here is a team of project professionals:

  • Steve Ireton - Founder And CEO
  • Paresh Masani - CTO
  • Steve Ireton - COO
  • Prof. Lloyd John Chingambo - Climate Change Specialist
  • Dr John Kilani -Deputy Chairman
  • Jitendra Singh - Technical Director
  • On this site https://carbonchain.org/ you can visit the "Team" section and see the profile of each employee in Linkedin, and also you can see the entire CarbonChain team. Here you can consult and analyze the experience of each person as much as you want.

💥 CarbonChain participates in all sorts of crypto, blockchain forums, making serious contracts.

💥 After reading this blog, you probably will have questions. Be sure to ask them in the official sources of CarbonChain:


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