ICOO, Leveling the Field for All Crypto-Projects to Raise Funds through Successful Crowdsales.

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The cryptocurrency industry is probably one of the fastest growing of them all. The sheer number of projects that pop up on a regular basis stands proof of that. Unlike conventional businesses, most of the crypto and blockchain based projects opt for a crowdsale or an ICO to raise the required capital, and usually with great success.

Few examples of great ICOs in the recent days include that of Bancor and SONM. Bancor raised a record $153 million within hours, and SONM raised a total of $42 million in about four days. While these are some success stories, it can’t be replicated by everyone. Many projects, may not have the right resources or big names backing it to ensure a successful ICO campaign. But ICOO — Initial Coin Offering OpenLedger, initiative of CCEDK owned OpenLedger decentralized exchange platform ensures that every cryptocurrency project gets a fair chance at raising sufficient funds to keep the development going.

ICOO brings the Economic Enterprise Engine: Crowdfunding 3.0 to the cryptocurrency industry. It offers the right resources to the projects to launch an ICO and takes it to the right set of investors to help raise funds. For investors, ICOO offers exclusive early bird opportunity to be part of the crowdsale, helping them buy into the project before it becomes available to the general public. This way, CCEDK’s ICOO creates a win-win scenario for all the parties involved.

The best part about ICOO is the suite of promotional and professional services it offers to the projects (issuers of the token), allowing them to concentrate more on the development of the actual project while experienced hands take care of the rest.

All the investments made in tokens before the official launch of the ICO will be held in an escrow account, which will make sure that the pre-sale doesn’t have any significant bearing on the conventional ICO market dynamics. At the same time, early investors in a new token can start trading special tokens signifying the newly bought cryptocurrencies on OpenLedger exchange.

CCEDK is a Danish cryptocurrency services company which started with an exchange platform. With its vast experience in the industry, it understands the needs and challenges faced by businesses in the industry, which has encouraged it to solve these issues with its own specialized platforms and product verticals. Since its launch, the ICOO platform has been playing a crucial role in leveling the playing field for startups in the cryptocurrency industry.