IDEA: Streaming Video Battle site powered by the Steem Blockchain

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Here's an idea:

A video streaming website powered by Steem where the audience votes on what is worthy of being streamed in real time.

1st Game Type (Random Stream Roulette):

  • Contestants pay a small fee to enter the roster (upvotes are accepted if they meet the fee threshold).
  • A stream is randomly chosen to be displayed to the entire viewing audience first.
  • Streams are given a minimum of 1 minute of airtime and upvotes received translate into the amount of time the stream is displayed to the audience.
  • For example $1 in upvotes could equal 1 minute in streaming time, so if the first stream received $5 in upvotes, it would continue to be shown to the audience for 6 minutes in total.
  • When the time is over another stream from the roster is chosen and the process starts again.
  • Any streams down voted back to $0.00 will be immediately cut from the air and another random stream will take its place.

2nd Game Type (Stream Battles)

  • Streams start off in the order they join the game.
  • Two streams are displayed side by side. (#1 vs. #2)
  • The audience upvotes the side they want to see continue and can downvote the side they want to be replaced by the next stream in line.
  • Upvotes are tallied every minute and the winner's stream continues while the loser's is replaced.
  • I remember a site doing something similar about 6 years ago only with fiat involved and not cryptocurrency. ( I'm going to ask my friend what it was called and I'll edit this when I find out. If anyone knows before he gets back to me mention it in the comments for an upvote :D )

Edit: The name of the site is and is still around.

So what do you think? Could this be an interesting and popular app to build on top of the amazing Steem blockchain? I think so, and if anyone wants to build it let me know!


i like where ya head is at on this one. you thought about pitching this on -- lots of people getting paid for open sourced projects over there, might be worth dropping in and posting a proposal.

I want japanese insect battles, the ones they bet on, that inspired pokemon!

I also think Peerplays could maybe do this??! @matt-a was talking to me tpoday about peerplays and im gl;ad i bought in when I did last year!

Blockchain fight club sounds pretty cool adept!

Great idea, Thanks for sharing

yeah It's really great @qaismx

Really very nice post.thanks for sharing.resteem it.

good idea.thank for sharing

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It"s a interesting and popular app to build on top of the amazing Steem blockchain?

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I see it as a very convenience way to get it live.
I was impressed by the first type.
So many intersting to find out.
Again BAB--

loved the approach this could be great

Great idea! Did @alxgraham have anything to do with this?

i will always support you man!!!

The 1st Game Type is quite cool looks good

it will be interesting no doubt..

its like a virtual debate, i can dig it, I envision gaming to the level of being able to play say Madden against other users and bet against your opponent for whatever various crypto currencies.. skys the limit, great post! resteaming!

Good post