ADAB — brings crypto assets to Muslim markets.

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Global Crypto Ecosystem for Muslims.
ADAB Solutions will create the necessary crypto ecosystem for Muslims.
FICE Exchange with its own Shariah Advisory Board is a place where everyone can trade on a fair and transparent base, paying great attention to the requirements of the regulator and also requirements of the Shariah Advisory Board.

ADAB Charity — where ADAB Solutions will transfer 7.5% of its profits, fulfills the sacred duty of Muslims to pay Zakat, and everyone can make their contributions to the fund functioning in accordance with Shariah norms.
ADAB Project — a platform for launching halal ICOs. This is the place where you can run any project that complies with the principles of Islamic finance.
Adabcrypto is the information portal dedicated to the topic of Islamic finance in the crypto world. It will publish company research, reports and reviews of crypto assets from the Shariah Advisory Board.

First Islamic Exchange.
Exchange which fully complies with the principles of Islamic finance and only “Halal” crypto assets will be listed on the exchange. This is an exchange where everyone can trade on an honest manner, which pays a great attention to compliance with the requirements of the regulator and requirements of the Shariah Advisory Board. The most important task of the project is to involve Muslims into the innovative market of crypto assets.
The first company in the world with SAB within its structure
The first global crypto company, which has Shariah Advisory Board embedded within its structure. The company’s activities do not simply comply with the principles of Islamic finance, the company will independently investigate the problems of the crypto market from the Islamic finance point of view and the Shariah Advisory Board, consisting of Shariah scholars, will determine the conformity of various crypto assets to the principles of Islamic finance.


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I believe that the new Islamic Crypto Exchange (FICE) and Adabs will definitely be a success among traders as they have advantages in their Arsinals and open up the opportunity to trade in cryptocurrency to new regions. Those who are already trading cryptocurrency definitely join, and the new potters will finally get access to new trading platforms.

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There is no more justified alternative to this project Adabsolution than he himself. The Investors can take very big profit! This team are very great the developers who did a great job.

Yes, looking good atmosphere here for crypto investment.

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One of the best project so far the year 2k19

Due to the fact that ADAB is not just an exchange that will function in compliance with the principles of Islamic finance, but it is also a unique integrated solution that will create the ecosystem necessary for Muslims

Blockchain continues to gain popularity among ordinary people. Many people, when they learn about technology, want to invest in promising projects. ADAB is one such project. Join us, it will be cool.

Adab Solutions - will attract millions of users who have not previously invested in crypto assets and this will benefit the entire crypto-economy that will increase with new participants, who previously just watched its development from the sidelines.

I am glad that cryptocurrency is becoming popular and more and more countries are participating in its popularization. ADAB - brings crypto assets to Muslim markets. this is great news for all of us

If you are interested in investing, do not miss your chance to invest in the most promising project of 2019. This large-scale company promises to be very successful and profitable! More information on the website:

While others argue about the rights of believers, the Adab project creates a solution. This is a crypto exchange that will take place according to Sharia rules presenting a state of the art platform not just to the Muslim community but the entire crypto industry. #adabsolutions

An inslamic exchange with charity and other products convincingly takes care of Islamic principles and makes crypto acceptance easy for them

Muslims needs a platform for dealing with the right cryptocurrencies, participate in the development of innovations, and encourage the creation of new unique projects and companies

This First Islamic crypto exchange changes everything about the Muslim community. Good one

I think, that Arabian countries is a big investors in blockchain. Аnd the project ADAB will sell all its tokens 100%

ADAB Solutions to provide quality information to the Muslim society about the cryptocurrency market, fulfill an explanatory mission, and promote the involvement of the Muslim community in the cryptocurrency market.

Now there is an opportunity to join ADAB on very attractive terms. When buying project tokens on the Bit-M & Bit-Z Exchanges, a 15% bonus will be awarded. An attractive option for those wishing to become part of an project

The team of this project is very talented and promising people. It's not everyone can make such an excellent project with a great future. I am sure that this project will develop and will be successful.

Shariah principles forbid any investment that would support industries or activities that are considered harmful to the people and the society in general.

In my opinion, a very interesting project! I support all the initiatives of developers, the project deserves special attention! The project will succeed.

An innovative project with a good idea and a strong team, it has everything you need to succeed

The concept and purpose of this project is very good. This is the foundation that explains the benefits of this project in the future. I hope the development team can do their best at every opportunity to make this project grow into a great and rewarding project for many people.

There are good options earnings #ADAB after a few months, detailed and adequately drafted. My sincere recommendations to you.

Recently drew attention to #ADAB - an interesting option for investment and management of their finances. Good project!

With Xcrypt​​ users are able to control and initiate many banking features in it and gives them the best condition to withdraw or use fiats and cryptofunds without restrictions from the ecosystem.

#ADAB opens up a world of high-tech industry in the field of crypto-currencies. #ADAB - an interesting project from a legendary engineer who has a wealth of knowledge on blockchain technologies, marketing and programming languages, there is every chance of success.

#ADAB - not a bad option for those wishing to discover a new world of investment and modern technology.

The FICE platform is already running, since it can process 3 million requests per second and makes it the fastest cryptocurrency exchange.

Very high quality and reliable project.The team is working efficiently.Responsible for the task. There is a great prospect in the draft.I hope the project will grow more and more.Very interesting and creative project! #adabsolutions #IEO #ICO #ADAB #cryptocurrency #blockchain

ADAB Solutions is a great project with huge prospects for development. Without a doubt, the project will succeed and profitable. I believe the project will show great results.

I as a person who embraces Islam strongly supports this project and will recommend this project, come to my country and education because I am sure there will be many people who are interested in this project

Adab solution is the first islamic cryptocurrency exchange platform, bringing digital currency to the Islamic world and expanding the mass adoption of Cryptocurrency

Take some time to study this project. It definitely deserves your attention

AdabSolution is the platform we need to correct every wrongs happeinig in exchange sector of cryptocurrency.

Investors need to take ADAB into consideration because the development of ADAB Solutions and its infrastructures will allow Muslims to gain access to innovative economic instruments.

I am so sure that the cryptocurrency market at large will benefits from FICE as the exchange will function according to the principles of Islam,and it is totally open to all users, of course, regardless of religion.

Hoping for the success of this project to bring strong fundamentals to the community by bringing organic people to come and embrace cryptocurrency.

company is very popular among investors and has a very positive development momentum. By purchasing tokens Adab you get a wonderful perspective on future dividends. which will grow several times.

This is an impressive project. I am pleased with the work of the company.

This is a special project for Muslims. It contain from its own Shariah Advisory Boar. So this real financial workplace for them

ADAB is a amazing project.I see pleasing idea was produce by profession team to make crypto become easy for the entire campaign in complex

extraordinary project, i happy to be able to partner with this project. besides that I saw a team that was very reliable and experienced in managing this project. I am sure this project will bring great success later. let's join us and support this project until the end. #ADAB is the best!

Adab Solution is a crypto exchange that will be compliant to sharia law and this project is among the most promising ones.

What can I add? The road map is described very well and transparently. All processes are described. I like it. I believe that the team will demonstrate a decent result.

#AdabSolution is simply a Game changer.Its among their set Goals to correct the shortcoming in the existing Cryptocurrency Exchanges and simplify the process of exchange operation.Get familiar with the whitepaper. check facts and keep it honest.

I believe that Adab cryptocurrency exchange will surely be successful and it will be among theost popular in the industry

Awesome project that will soon be the face of the industry especially in the Muslims world

Well done to ADAB Solutions for clearing the ways for Muslim community to take part in cryptocurrency by clearing confusion regarding cryptocurrency. As the project complies with Islamic law, the Muslim community has the room for involving in it.

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