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May 5, first IEO stage of our project was completed.

At the IEO stage, $ 2,250,000.00 was collected.

Tokens worth $ 1,000,000.00 sold on the exchange IDAX.

At the Bitforex Exchange tokens sold for $ 500,000.00.

Tokens for 750,000.00 dollars were sold on the Bit-M and Bit-Z exchanges.

Together with the stage of private sales 6,750,000.00 dollars was collected.

The issue of tokens and distribution to investors will be made before May 25.

Sincerely, ADAB Solutions Team.


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This is a very good news. I think that the token price will be at least 10 cents on the stock exchange. There is also a very high chance that the token will be traded at $ 1.

Sincerely glad to congratulate the team! This platform will help many beginners to start understanding the world of digital currencies and to invest more reliably in the development of this industry!

ADAB Solutions will generally benefit the market, since halal projects in their essence have utility and value, and will contribute to the development of useful ideas and a decrease in the number of haram projects in the market.

A good one by the team who have put in so much effort, Adab solution will revolutionise the blockchain industry. This platform is built on trust. Let's just wait for more good news

This is really a very powerful project. I believe that ADAB will take the lead in the near future. This exchange clearly has many advantages over existing ones, as it will only provide the best and proven designs!

Great options for earning by buying promising tokens #ADAB with an attractive discount. A great chance to take advantage of lucrative offers in the token market.

Adequate documentation, competent company and feasible goals - there is every chance for success. #ADAB offers interesting conditions for investments.

The ADAB platform is a new breath of air for all traders and investors. Thanks to its advantages, ADAB can easily become the best platform in the crypto market. Already, ADAB is showing excellent results and attracting more and more new partners, investors and users. Do not waste your time and find out more information about ADAB right now.

The essence of technological development is convenience of doing things. Adab solution being a project that is set to take on the financial sector through blockchain technology is ensuring its users get to use its platform conveniently from where ever they are hence the launch of the mobile app.

This company must be strong in the cryptanalytic world. Some of the richest people support the project and therefore join you

All who are associated with this project are waiting for a good result in the near future. Soon all people will know what the technology of the future. Join us, it will be cool.

This is a great achievement, a big congratulations and welldone to the team, glad to be part of this awesome project

It is good that ADAB completed all stages of IEO. This means a high trust for this project. I think in nearest week ADAB will get a proposition to collaboration from TOP-exchangers.

Congratulations to the team on completion of IEO and also to crypto Enthusiasts in the Muslim world. A project that meets your needs is about to take off

Absolutely refreshing to see enough funds were raised during the ICO and IEO, it means that the project is going to develop at full pace and actually get to fulfill all that is on the roadmap. Adab solutions is the next big thing and I am glad everything is falling into place and growth is actually shaping up nicely.

people see a strong team and a well-thought-out roadmap and want to invest, congratulate the team on a successful fundraising for the exchange

The main activities are connected, combining the benefits of social development and investment opportunities based on the distribution of profits and losses for a wide range of entrepreneurs and investors

The market has reached the Uptrend stage, will certainly be a favorable condition for the ADAB team to build their platform and foudation. I dont invest my money in lazy projects. Do not let me down.

This is a very good news. I think that the token price will be at least 20 cents on the stock exchange ADAB Solutions will generally benefit the market.congratulate the team on a successful fundraising for the exchange

I believe in the team's hard work, this project will be successful and develop into a big project

I will recommend you to their friends and acquaintances, I see great potential in you

I support this project because I see great potential in it. It has a thought-out road map, creative idea, transparency and predictable growth - all this will not leave anyone indifferent .One of the few projects attractive for long-term investments. I am sure that the project will become popular and in demand!

Recently I started as a #ADAB participant-I joined IEO, took advantage of technical support in Russian, current technology and solving important tasks of the society.

Team of Adab Solutions developed a unique platform FICE, which based on Honesty, Reliability, and Transparency. Adab Solutions is the best out of best of IEO s I ever have seen.

#ADAB is a new social platform that aims to make society's life better by providing convenient functionality and promising opportunities for investments in IEO.

I know that a good amount of money has been raised and it will be used for the product development and the exchange. Congratulations to all investors.

one of big project this year!!
someone who missed this project will be regret it

Very interesting project! I see this project has a very promising future and advise you to participate in the sale of their tokens

Thats great news , we await further progress of the project.

Thank you for the information. Very valuable. I like to read how the project develops)

There is no doubt that Adab Solutions is one of the biggest crypto projects of 2019! Never miss out the chance to be part of this really promising crypto project.

This is great project. I think this project will be successful as transparency and safety is exactly what we need to strengthen in the crypto world. team is very strong and does everything wisely.

This spectacular achievement This great result means having solid foundation to continue developing the project according with our roadmap.

Collecting $ 2,250,000 is a good achievement during IEO. ADAB Solutions has collected a total of $ 6,750,000 during all stages. Great achievement. Thank you the project.

First of all, congratulations to all of the team who are very-hardworking and transparent when it comes to the project. The sleepless nights are all worth it.

Wow ADAB Solutions. First of all I would like to congratulate the entire team on achieving this success. This is a milestone the project has achieved. Good luck.

adab is a project based on islamic and use system syariah, also with great team and good roadmap, this project will success in the future.

Deep analysis of the project will give an opportunity to use the tools of Islamic finance for all users, regardless of the race and religion. Its very good!

Interesting project. I advise all investors to read it carefully. Visit the official site of ADAB Solutions and join us, it will be very cool!

ADAB intends to take seriously and keep by the procedures and hold on to the basis of serious analysis that runs the companys work with crypto assets in agreement to the principles of Shariah.

You guys are really doing a very great job this project will be successful I recommend everyone to come join and invest in this project it has a great future !!

Awesome ! ADAB solution is really potentian and community now . Many people was investing on ADAB solution when IEO . That is a high trust for you.

You have shown an excellent result. I congratulate you. You are a very strong team

Found interesting project #adabsolutions , which is have great popularity in crypto community! They offering to join to ICO and tokenSale, for my opinion #adabsolutions #IEO #ICO #ADAB #cryptocurrency #blockchain

Great news for investors and all supporters of the project! The team, as always, on top, keep it up!

A big congratulation to Adabs. Adabs investors are lucky to have had this while crypto market is on obvious bull run with btc already leading the race.

I feel very positive towards this project. I know it will be successful with all the help from the Adab Team and its community. We will make this work

FICE commission for currency exchange will be charged at a fixed rate of 0.05% to 0.2% per transaction.

ADAB Solutions is Very Good Project because it is based on Honesty, Reliability and Transparency . I think this Blockchain Project has a Big Potential for Growth !..

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