Redemption of tokens at a price not lower than the nominal value (prices for ICO).

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Every month, a company will spend 10% of its revenue (but not more than 25% of its profits) to the purchase of tokens and their immediate burning. This is how the token deflation model is implemented. With the growth of trading volumes and the number of users, the volume of Adab tokens will be systematically reduced. The purchase of tokens will be at the market price, but not lower than $ 0.1.

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#ADAB I!!! Great project, which is really worth paying attention to! It includes an higher idea, a strong team and coordinated work — and these are the main components of great success!

#ADAB is good project and i have to buy some tokens for investment and i will hold these tokens for long term.

This is greate news: all members have a choce and this is amasinng. This is greate project and cool team.

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ADAB Solutions will generally benefit the market, since halal projects in their essence have utility and value.

The project has a reliable team with relevant skills and experience

Adab Solutions - will attract millions of users who have not previously invested in crypto assets and this will benefit the entire crypto-economy that will increase with new participants, who previously just watched its development from the sidelines.

Administrators of the project are very productive and friendly, so the bounty campaign takes place in a good atmosphere. They know the business and systematically carry out all planned points.

ADAB is developing and taking steps to become the best project on the market.
but I am confident that in future even greater triumph awaits it!.

Reasonably implemented road map of this project, inspires confidence in investors.I ask you to pay strict attention to this platform.Your future is a success!Good luck!

A promising project with a good idea. I think it's worth paying attention because if all the planned products and services are really implemented on this platform, then it can become very popular.

They keep on gaining strength with these wonderful additions to their already top rated team! Qualtiy attracts quality one can say, i for my part am a true devotee of the project!

Adab has developed a solution suitable both for the Muslim community and for everyone who wants to get a quality financial management tool. Many users joined the project because they are confident in the correctness of its development model.

This is really the very right move of the ADAB team. Due to the fact that ADAB will buy out the tokens and burn their price on the token will only grow. This means that now we have a great opportunity to buy platform tokens. Do not waste your time and join ADAB right now.

Once the token deflation model is implemented this should help increase the value of Adab tokens in the future. it’s a good opportunity to get these tokens cheaper right now from the IEO.

I am glad that you care about the demand for your token and introduced a deflationary model, this is a good solution.

ADAB Solutions will generally benefits the markets, since halal projects in their essence has value and contribute to the development of wonderful ideas and a decrease in the number of haram projects in the market.

This pricing policy is very useful to maintain not only the interest in the exchange, but also for its harmonious development, the team primarily cares about its users in contrast to the existing platforms, thank you for your work)

This is great news for investors, the token will definitely have demand and growth in price. Now is the best opportunity for investment and in the future a good salary

The project is gaining momentum. It is very happy. I believe in this project. I wish you success.

The Adab Solutions project is aimed at a huge audience of 1.8 billion potential Muslim users of the global cryptocurrency market

The first Islamic Crypto Exchange will completely exclude the possibility of speculative transactions, margin trading and operations that do not correspond to Sharia.

Adab is to help Muslims and the community of crypto-investors to understand what in the market the cryptocurrencies is compliant with the Shariah rules and what does not.

This is how ADAB implements the token deflation model! This is the best offer to date!

This is how the token deflation model is implemented. With the growth of trading volumes and the number of users, the volume of Adab tokens will be systematically reduced.

If the redemption price of tokens is not lower than ICO, then this can be compared with a stable currency, which is now in great demand.

WoW, great chance to get more profit. Join now with this ADAB team and get your future more profit. I can recommend to my followers to This ICO

Very interesting project. An experienced team develops and manages the project. The project is actively moving forward. I recommend everyone to join and follow the development of this project.

If you are considering a project that is good for investment ,I will without hesitation recommend #AdabSolution.It is a good Project with good team,very planned transparent whitepaper,vigorous marketing,nice website with good design and very promising future in terms of project growth and return of investment, .Dont skip this #ADAB #adabsolutions #ieo #ico #cryptocurrency

This project is going to be the best this 2019, seriously going to get myself some Adab tokens, keep up the good work

New technologies are new opportunities. This company looks very worthy and interesting. I believe in the future of this project.

We are seeing huge growth! Very interesting and creative Start-UP! Hope everything will be nice and perspective, the company is gaining momentum and shows excellent results!

Adab Solutions will deduct 5% of net quarterly revenue and 2.5% of annual net profit for charity. These deductions will form the basis for the charitable foundation Adab Charity

Now I am able undoubtedly say, that project take more focus every day to their investor. With adab solutions increase your valuable assets as you can.

ADAB offers core principles that are based on honesty, reliability and transparency based on the cultural and ethical principles of Muslims.

The Adab Solutions' cryptocurrency platform, working in strict accordance with the principles of Islamic finance, guarantees and ensures security, honesty, transparency of business conduct, and complete absence of speculation in company activity.

One of the good aspects of the ADAB Solutions is that it ensures that price of ADAB token will not go down its ICO price ($0.10). The project says it will purchase tokens at the price of $0.10 with 10 percent of profits from the exchange.

I believe that ADAB Solutions project will achieve a success. Investors and traders always fear that the coins they have purchased may fall in price with the meltdown of the market. But the project guarantees that price of ADAB token will not fall below its ICO price of $0.1 by promising to buy tokens if it fall below the ICO price.

The Muslim community is willing to invest only in a projects in a jurisdiction understandable to them and investments can be only in fiat currencies, due to the non-prevalence of cryptocurrencies, which will positively affect the growth of market capitalization.

Adab is a unique project amongst many, its a project that stands out and has got the investors back. A project i dont hesitate to have it tokens because they are strong

They have already been tested by a team of analysts – and confirmed fresh ideas and technologies that will win success. #ADAB in the near future may monopolize its market.

The ADAB Solution platform in accordance to the Muslim Principle as only Halal projects that are permissible will be listed on the Platform. It aims to build a safe investment by cutting down on factors that will make its investors lose funds

The ADAB Solutions project will demonstrate how the principles of Islam and Islamic finance will be implemented in a cryptocurrency project.

The #ADAB project opens up convenient and safe conditions for our society, and investors can take advantage of special investment conditions during the IEO.

I think this should go a long way to retaining and more importantly grow the value of the adab token. Exchange tokens are usually the best in terms of investment and I wish this will be successful too.

They have already been tested by a team of analysts – and confirmed fresh ideas and technologies that will win success. #ADAB in the near future may monopolize its market.

It is really a right moment for ADAB Solutions to enter the crypto market as the market is growing. Likewise, it is really a right moment for investors and traders to buy ADAB tokens. The project will get a success.

Be sure to recommend to pay attention to IEO and bounty program of the project #ADAB. The coming months after the launch promise to be hot with the rising cost of the token.

The Redemption of token principle is a nice concept by the team, this will however help to put a check on the price value, making the value appreciate.

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