The first round of IEO successfully completed!

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Dear members of the ADAB Solutions community!

We are pleased to announce that the first round of IEO on IDAX exchange was successfully completed in 4 hours!
100% of tokens allocated to it are sold - 10,000,000 tokens!

Also, do not forget that 22 April will be held another IEO on Bit-Z exchange and 23 April on BitForex exchange. Make sure that you won't miss it and take your own part in ADAB Solutions project.

Thank you for your participation and support!


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Congratulate to ADAB. Project collected 1 million dolars on the IDAX exchange in 4 hours with first IEO round. I believe that IEO will sell all with all round. Good project.

Congratulations ADAB Solutions for a successful IEO! Looking forward for the next IEO to come!

Great news ! When your project is completely the first round of IEO . You having many people knowing you then your project will increase and more invest in the future for you . Hopeful

Congratulate. I believed in you from the beginning. You are a very cool project and you will succeed!

This IDAX success will probably seen by many investors and will likely to be the same result on the next round of IEO in Bitforex. I'll be supporting this project that has a huge potential to be one of the greatest ICO project of 2019.

I believe in the future that this project has. ADAB Solutions is the first IEO in the world. This makes this project very interesting and promising. I really hope this project is successful and attracts many investors to join this project.

Very promising project! IEO passed very quickly, I'm waiting for the next round to go into the project too!

This project in its significance certainly surpasses all others by several times. Friends do not stop asking me about your project. And we are looking forward to when the price of tokens will fly to the moon.

I recommend everyone to pay attention to this #AdabSolution project. An interesting project, the team has many plans, this company is definitely waiting for great success.

Be sure to take part in the second round of sales. I hope everything will turn out and we will go to the moon along with the ADAB token

The project, which has earned a lot of flattering reviews from highly specialized people in the field of crypto-currencies. Already now you can become its participant. Join now!

Good team, very potential, Very interesting project. With interest, I am waiting for the final version of the product. I advise people to join the group of successful people investing in their future! Great project and great opportunity!

I congratulate you friends! This is definitely a huge event for your project. Keep up the good work!

Abruptly. You are one of the best projects. I'm waiting for the next round!

I am glad to see such a great result and I think it is quite natural, because the team has an understanding and proximity to the Muslim religion and strictly follows its rules! I hope all goals will be realized!

ADAB Solution will bring more innovation in the crypto-space by introducing a sharia law compliant Exchange to act as an example of honest, transparent and competitive cryptocurrency base services that every crypto enthusiast is needed.

This is impressive! I think the project has a great future!

Great team, great company, great job! I'm sure the company will show great results! Today there is a great urgency of development in this field! I and encourage everyone to participate. Good luck to al. @adabsolutions

Great company with a great project. An excellent project, if the developer will adhere to the roadmap, then investors will succeed and profit.

I am so delighted to hear about the #ADAB successful completion of the first round IEO. Anyway, good things always attract people , this is just the beginning of our success. We are reaching hard cap shortly , join us

good news

Congratulations to the team, the hard work and sleepless nights always pay off. Looking forward to the next round of IEOs.

Congrat's with first succsess IEO! It only first completed step. We will see even more good news.

The concept of islamic finance is not new. ADAB Solution is a good decentralized project for the economic development. Thanks for the achievement of ADAB by listing on popular exchanges.

Strong and professional team. This project deserves more attention to the public, it is promising and I think it will be a great success

A great project for investment. I didn't regret joining the project. Join us!

This is getting more interesting by the day.
Congratulations for a successful IEO.
I believe that subsequent ones will be a success.

ADAB's revolutionary solutions attract a huge number of partners who want to collaborate with a successful project. There is confidence in the success and prosperity of ADAB.

Many Muslims are not informed or mistaken about the compliance of cryptocurrencies with Sharia norms. Therefore, they avoid investing in any cryptocurrency assets. One of the most important distinguishing features of our project is the management of the company in accordance with the Islamic management model, which complements the generally accepted standards of business management

Congratulations team ADAB.keep it up.

You have a platform to transform the way people view blockchain and cryptocurrency. Keep it up

wow, congratulations for the success. Hope the others IEO will follow the same

Great news for ADAB Solutions Community as it has achieve a milestone in having successfully sold out all 10000000 tokens in just four hours. It indicates how much support the team has got from the people.

Good news, most buy

Many investors wants to buy this token. No doubt that this will be sold out in a few hours as well as what happens in the first round. Lets go team.

This project is a good and strong team, in a predictable and transparent road map, planned and projected growth in both the campaign and your money invested in it gives to assume that this project came to us one day. Definitely worth to participate

This is a very good project. with the concept that is owned and supported by a great team, this project has a very big potential and promising in the future so invest now

This project in its significance certainly surpasses all others by several times. Friends do not stop asking me about your project. And we are looking forward to when the price of tokens will fly to the mars.

who else doubts - you need to participate

This is a great project. However, the team needs to still put more efforts whilst all hands on deck. It will go a long way.

Good going ADAB Solutions. Crypto enthusiasts and investors are long waiting for such exchange that is reliable, friendly and pro investors. It will give much investment security.

Great success ADAB Solutions has achieved in the first day of its IEO, all tokens, 10,000,000 in numbers, have been sold out just in four hours. Great project.

reached $ 1 million in the first round of IEO, the results were very positive, waiting for the second round to participate. But I really like the Bitforex platform rather than IDAX, so I was surprised when the first round on IDAX took place successfully.

A great event that will increase the number of users on the platform, become more popular and change

A great event that will increase the number of users on the platform, become more popular and change

Just one day has left before the beginning of IEO of one of the best ADAB exchange.

Anyone is waiting and looking forward on this IEO

Anyone is waiting and looking forward on this IEO

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