The second round of the IEO on Bit-M exchange!

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ADAB Solutions launches the second round of IEO on Bit-M exchange.
$ 750,000.00 was raised on Bit-M and Bit-3 exchanges among the first round.
Start of the second round is May 20, 12:00 (UTC + 3)
Closing date - May 25th, 2019 12:00 (UTC + 3)
The price of token is $ 0.1
After the IEO, ADAB will be listed on Bit-Z and Bit-M platform for trading.

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This is exelent news. Project and team is perfect. Ithink the token ADAB must trading in all exchange

Absolutely delighted to see the first round was a huge success with lots of people getting to purchase the company tokens. Goes to show how much trust and confidence this project has given lots of investors out there. I am sure this second round will be sold out as well and the project going on to fulfill all promises.

I'm very much delighted at the success of the first IEO. This second offer is an opportunity for Investors to invest in this great project. Take time out to find more about the project and partake in the second round of Iwo on Bit-M exchange

IEO means that ADAB goes in the right way for growth. Maybe at the end of year exchange will be one of the TOP-10.

The main criteria for an informed choice are still: the experience of the development team, the capitalization of the project, the level of marketing.According to these indicators, ADAB Solutions is not inferior to its competitors.

Adab Solution solves the problem of aligning crypto assets with the high moral and cultural values of Islam by creating a global cryptocurrency platform for both Muslims and the world at large

Thanks for sharing the latest news and updates with us. I think that IEO still looks very promising, both for projects and for participants, who want to buy coins of promising projects.

ADAB creates unique opportunities for investment in the project and further mutually beneficial relationships. You can always see positive news from the project. I am sure that the project will continue to please its supporters.

The cryptocurrency market is now on the rise, I hope in the second round of the IEO you will collect hardcap, good luck!

I thought the IEO had ended, but if Adab chooses to continue it on BIT-m, I’ll support them and investors around should do so too, an IEO has been know to be the most reliable method of raising funds and I hope through the support of BIT-m they would be able to raise the required amount of funds.

wow .I'm very much delighted at the success of the first IEO this is good project.The cryptocurrency market is now on the rise, I hope in the second round of the IEO you will collect hardcap, good luck!

Great results! Adab Solutions contains those advantages, which until that time could not guess any existing exchange, namely to take into account the religious norms and canons of people!

ADAB Solutions - The Islamic economic model today is one of the most dynamic areas of the modern economy,which is actively moving beyond Muslim countries.

ADAB Solutions project will demonstrate how the principles of Islam and Islamic nance will be implemented in a crypto currency project.

Good news that ADAB goes out from IEO. This gives the company a big amount of trust from investors and future traders. I believe in the incredible future of this platform.

ADAB Solutions will complete and pass Islamic expert assessment on compliance with Sharia law.

ADAB The first Islamic crypto exchange, and this means greater liquidity and attracting millions of users who have not previously invested in crypto assets, and this will benefit the whole cryptoeconomy

#ADAB immediately won my attention, continues to evolve with a really incredible speed. A single web platform for successful implementation of business ideas.

good news for Adab projects. with a soft cap achieved. I hope this project can develop in the future. The adab team is also very extraordinary.

This is very good news, as it gives you the opportunity to participate in IEO ADAB and acquire tokens of a promising platform. If you have not heard about the capabilities and offer of ADAB, then be sure to do it right now. I bet you enjoy it.

I studied it in detail and can talk about real prospects for earnings. Came across questions of his subscribers about the project #ADAB. If you have questions, then the project is interesting not only to me.

The ADAB team sets achievable goals, and thanks to professionalism, the team always successfully implements them. Together with the ADAB team we enjoy great results!

This is the project that will positively change the crypto world for better. Having a great vision and a great team behind the project success is already at hand. Join the IEO of Adab Solutions in Bit-Z.

amazing! I am happy to participate in this project, because this project is very promising in the future

As a result, I was impressed by the objective assessments of reliable experts, decided to participate in the IEO, really reliable prospects for investments with a return.

The team done well. Do their job qualitatively! the project is promising, one of the best for today, I think it's a great success.

The Adab Solutions project has no analogues in the world. Today, there is not a single cryptographic platform or a crypto exchange, which would guarantee activities based on Shariah law.

Thank you for the information of the second round of IEO. I'm also waiting for this launch. Definitely worth to participate. I believe this news is good for ICO investors.

Good luck for this IEO

Current platform for work and earnings-the #ADAB project provides an up-to-date set of options and successful technologies for work.

A great project from a great team and many products to enter the market in a big way.

The evolution of the project seems very interesting to invest in. A great project with big ambitions.I see only positive and bright growth of the project. I wish the project good development and good luck.

ADAB is very high quality and reliable project. The team is working efficiently. I am sure that the idea of the project is interesting and promising

ADAB will be listed on Bit-Z and Bit-M platform for trading.

Bit-M exchange has been an excellent exchange with huge database of investors. we hope for a successful IEO.

this is one from many that will make a difference. ADAB is a well-designed project

Adab solution will be the first cryptocurrency platform that will perform transactions in accordance with the principles of Islamic finance based on shariah norms

This is a project that will make cryptocurrency World better again. I studied it and found that there is no any other project that can be likened to it. What a great project #ADAB

I managed to buy tokens these days) and you?

Adab Solutions is among the most promising crypto projects of the year!

Adab solve the problem of aligning crypto assets with the high moral and cultural values of Islam by creating a global cryptocurrency platform

Very good indeed, the team knew that there are so many investors wants to buy this token so they open another round for those who didnt get the chance to buy this token.

Great news. I think investors will be happy. I support your project. You have a very good idea and your exchange will be the best.

Thanks to the developers for this project! I believe this project will make waves in the cryptocurrency world. I am glad to be a part of this project. Good luck and prosperity.

If you are considering a project that is good for investment ,I will without hesitation recommend #AdabSolution.It is a good Project with good team,very planned transparent whitepaper,vigorous marketing,nice website with good design and very promising future in terms of project growth and return of investment, .Dont skip this !

A good one by the team who have put in so much effort, Adab solution will revolutionise the blockchain industry. This platform is built on trust. Let's just wait for more good news

A great news ! Hope many people will be invest on your project now . Fortunately, they having nice community and platform now.

I am sure that by buying tokens, I made a very profitable investment. I advise everyone to do the same, while there is time, so you do not regret the lost opportunity.

Congrats to The Adab Solutions Team with successfully implementation the first round of IEO and I wish them Good Luck in the second !.. I recommend everyone who is unfamiliar with this Unique Project to pay attention to it. The Adab Solutions Project solves the problem of reconciling cryptocurrency assets with the High Moral and Cultural Values of Islam, creating a Global Cryptocurrency Platform for both Muslims and the World !..

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