For History Lovers Out There: A Comprehensive Histomap Of Global Power

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Good day, hivians from all over the world! Today I decided to share an interesting piece of visual content for the history lovers out there, more specifically a very comprehensive histomap (i.e. history graph) showcasing the ebb and flow, swing, and share of global power since Ancient times to the contemporary era. Below you can take a thoroughly detailed look at the histomap in question:

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I must confess that I initially stumbled upon the above complex graph several years ago, when my father e-mailed me the image, knowing quite well the fact that I was always very fond of universal history. Subsequently, I researched the web source (which is Visual Capitalist) and analysed its contents more meticulously.

The name of the histomap's creator is John B. Sparks and the year of conception was 1931. It was published during the same year by Rand McNally in a tremendously bold attempt of summarising the millenary share of global power amongst the world's strongest civilisations, from antiquity to the 1930s, just one decade prior to the outbreak of World War II.

Intriguingly, while nowadays anyone with internet access can find information with little to no effort, one can conclude that at the time of its creation such an admirable artwork could have been well perceived as a groundbreaking historical summary.

That being said, on a personal note, I would very much like to know your thoughts on this histomap in the comments' section below. Thank you very much in advance and I truly hope this brief article proved informative and useful for you today! :)


That's a great map 👍

Thank you!