2021 - Everything is different. Hives and Bees? That's weird.

in #imalive3 years ago

I am alive. Things are very different in 2021 than they were in 2018 when we last left off in our adventures.

I just thought some of you might want to know I am still breathing, since my discord is full of unanswered DM's from the past couple years.

Am I going to be around here? Eh, maybe I'll blow in and out now and then, but I wouldn't place any bets on the frequency of that.

That is all.



I was wondering what happened to you...

So was I!

Oh my gosh how did I miss this? I don't even care that my upvote is past the payout window. I just want everyone to see that I'm happy to see you around!!!

Do you think we should cross our fingers and hope that maybe, just maybe, this is a good place to be again? :-)

I have no idea what this place is, I just woke up here after getting really wasted.

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Once again, thanks for your support!

Wow! Long time no see!

I am always listening :)

Glad to see you back here! I did check up on you a few times in the past and wondering how you were getting on. I still remember your house with the solar panels!! All those dancing phots! Hahaha. Time flies! You gave me a nice and welcoming start to blogging! Good old days seem so far away!

Looking around, it looks like a reboot and they may be here again. Deja Vu'

¡Wadda nice surprise! ...look no more what the 2021's wind brought us? Hahahahaha

I dunno others, but certainly I'm glad to see your nosey nose here again and know you are alive and still breathing fucker. After @dan suddenly re-appearance and yours now, we better should believe we must be onto something singular here these days.

Cheers brother!! :)

What a nice welcome!

As for the rest, the Singularity may be occurring! Cheers! :)

Good to see ya pop in and check out the new skin 😎

Howdy neighbor. I'm moving 90 min further south toward the 'bammy line. Took a management gig in a small town, gonna rent a little joint and kick it in the country again. Been metro lifeing for the last few years, and not diggin' it one lil' bit. Nope. I cannot wait to get out where it's quiet and dark again.

Not sure of the direction added (if any) but I got fam in ChittyChattytown down farther south near Atlanta. Feel ya on the city life holmes, why I'm still out here 😁

Ill be close enough to the Dickell distillery to get drunk smellin' from the porch. Round about Winchester way


Awesome man, need help movin or somethin drop me a line :)

I got this, thanks though, and come see and drive the Porsche's one sunny day.

If you out in the styx again, can we shoot?

yay! hi! glad to see you, can't wait to catch you on the tables again!! Hope you're good.


xoxo, b.

You probably saw me log into the game site earlier this morning. Wrong time of day. I'll be back. I do like the poker'ing. <3

It’s nice to see you are still about.

It's nice to still be about.

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