Belgium Marrakesh Accord

in #immigration4 years ago (edited)

I am stunned at the news today. The Belgium government is breaking up all because of the Marrakesh accord. As some might know I and a lot of other Belgians are against the accord. The biggest party in Flanders (region of Belgium I live in) also said they would not support a government that would go to Marrakesh and would sign it. And they said they would let the government fall if they did decide to go.


Well it happened. The other parties decided to go and sign the kill accord. And therefore said FU to a very big chunk of the Belgians in the process. The NVA (party was talking about earlier) left the government. And not even a day later the other parties are ruining the work they did.

I don’t know any other way of saying it but this looks like a hostile takeover, a dictator ship being pushed in our throats by mainly left wing Marxist parties. Again and again we need to take shit from these parties. People will stop tolerating these people. These parties are ruining our Belgium by taking in people who hate our way of living more than they hate the people that are killing their families. Yet our governments all over Europe are supporting massive immigration to feed there voting campaigns. They are selling our prosperity for votes from people who support sharia.


I am honestly afraid for my children and my possible grandchildren.


Change begins with yourself... But there isn't a way to get around offending the offensive

There is no way to talk to anyone concerning islam without offending them. That is indeed correct

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