In the Khandav forest, this was settled in such a way that Indraprastha and Pandavas were given amazing weapon

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When between the Kauravas and the Pandavas, when the division of the state was divided, Dhritarashtra gave calm to the Pandavas for some time by giving a forest named Khandavprastha on the recommendation of Mama Shakuni. Now before the Pandavas, the challenge was to make that forest a city. On the bank of Yamuna was a rugged forest, named Khandav forest. Earlier this town used to be a city, then the city was destroyed and its ruins were left. The forest was built around the ruins. This is a fascinating story to turn this forest into a city again.

Lord Krishna takes Arjuna to Khandav forest and there he shows that forest ruins there. Arjun asked, "How will we make it our capital?" Then Sri Krishna calls for Vishwakarma. Vishwakarma reappears and says, Lord, this city was settled in the desert, which has been ruined today. Myasur knows the rallies of this place, why not you ask him to make the capital?

Then Lord Krishna says, Where can you find Mysore right now? Then Vishwakarma remembers Myasur, they appear and ask, "Lord, why did you miss me?" Then Vishwakarma says that they are Sri Krishna and Arjuna and they want to build a city here. Myasur is overwhelmed by this and he takes Sri Krishna, Arjuna and Vishwakarma into a ruin. There would be a chariot in the ruins.


Myasur says that O Krishna, this golden chariot is the chariot of Maharaja Som of the anterior. It is capable of taking you to your desired place .... There is a mace in the chariot, which, while showing, Myasur says that it is the mausoleum of the Kaumud, which no one can raise except Lord Pandey's son Bhima. The power of its striking is amazing. After showing the mace, Myasur says that it is a Gandhvi bow. This is a wonderful and divine bow. It was derived from the worship of Lord Shankar by Darius Raj Vrishaparva.

Lord Krishna, raising that bow and giving Arjuna, says that on this divine bow you will be able to make the divine arrows. After this, Majurus gives Arjuna a renewed argument and says that its arrows never end. It was given to the goddess by himself by Agnidev. Meanwhile Vishwakarma says that from today onwards you have become the official of this property, Pandu Putra. In the end Sri Krishna says that Mayasur, we can not redeem your grace, but we promise that whenever you remember us in the crisis period, then Arjun and me will be there immediately. Miyasur is pleased to hear this. Later, Vishwakarma and Mysore work together to create Indraprastha Nagar.


Indraprastha's name was kept on Lord Indra, because this city was settled like the paradise of Indra. Lord Krishna had asked Vishwakarma to build a great city like Lord Indra's paradise. Vishwakarma had built beautiful and beautiful gardens and roads in this city, so Mayasur made a grand palace in this state to make a confusing Mahayana.

Indraprastha: In this way Indraprastha, which was previously Khandavaprastha, was built for Pandav sons. This city was very strange. Especially the Pandavas' castle was made like a saga. Like the Dwarka, the munman and Lord Vishwakarma had made tireless efforts in the construction work of this city, due to which it was possible.


When the relationship between Pandavas and his cousin Kurus deteriorated then Dhritarashtra, the father of the Kauravas, gave the Pandavas an area of ​​the Yamuna along the Khandavaprastha. There they built a city surrounded by pits of reservoirs and made its defensive ramparts.

According to Dhritarashtra, Pandavas left from Hastinapur. With the assurance of half the state, they removed the forests of Khandwastra. After that, Pandavas beautified the city with the help of the Maya monk with Shrikrishna. That city became like a second paradise From here the capital of Duryodhana remained in Hastinapur, just 45 miles away.


Today, what we call 'Delhi', it was the same Indraprastha in ancient times. By reading these sentences on the Shilpattas in place of the old fort of Delhi, the question arises, Where is the Pandavas' capital, Indraprastha? On the basis of the remains found in excavation, a large section of archaeologists believe that the capital of Pandavas will be on this site. Here the remains of such utensils are found in excavations, which are also found in other places connected with Mahabharata. A record of Sanskrit records of 1328 AD has been received from Sarwal village situated in Delhi. This record is present in the Museum of the Red Fort. It is mentioned in this record that this village is located in Indraprastha district.


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