Tibetan Market, Udaipur - A Place for Winter Cloth Shopping

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Tibetan Market, Udaipur - A Place for Winter Cloth Shopping


From last few months i was not writing any post. Today, I have visited a place called 'Tibetan Market' at Samor Bagh, Udaipur. It is famous for winter cloth shopping. The complete environment/ambiance of this place is very nice and properly managed although it is temporary and only used in the winter season. They have proper place for parking of vehicles and parking place was guided by man and radium signs. This phenomena is not common at our places, so it gives good feeling to me. You can see in these pics.







They also have proper place for drinking water, toilets and fire fighting items.


They have all temporary shops and well managed ambiance, nicely display items, sharp lighting with proper cleaning at every place. The all working persons are Tibetan's their. To check out the winter items how looks on buyer's, each shop have tall mirrors.

Besides all this, they have many moral values and living life slogans for all human being by Dalai Lama, that is fabulous. I like very much these slogans, their management, cleanness, thoughts. These all are very good and we should learn from them specially for my indian people. Generally we don't find these type of thinking in this type of shopping places. What are the inspiring arrangement? Nice one.
I have personally give them 9 out of 10 numbers.

Check all these pics of shops and whole market.








Near to this place one general shopping place has started. I also visited that place. see those pics to see the general view of that place.

The shop for sweet food items of winter. Most of the items made by Til material. I like the most because all are Vegan and delicious.



General household cloth items shop



Gents items shop


Decorative items


Toys and Gift items



Ladies Items shop




Crockery items


Household use Plastic items


Kitchen items


Cotton socks


Ladies Footwear


Bag shop


Now, I have think that you have also done your complete shopping with this post. So enjoy the day and check out my last three post links, may be some of your interest.

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Review of Tibetan Market, Udaipur

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Thanks for represent

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Your welcome @shuvo35.

I don't like this predominantly non-vegan market. It's a special market for winter wear but it's a pain to find a vegan winter wear here. I'm looking to shop for some warm winter clothing. Have you got any recommendations for me?

#vegan #plant-based #go-vegan

You can find vegan winter wear here.
It is like a Indian vegetarian restaurant their you can find vegan food inside the menu. This is same like that.
This is not purely vegan market but you may find the things.

Nice post. But one thing I want to know - why you have post after a long time? Why you have stop working? What is the issue?

Because of new steem, i have stop posting.

Is they are changed any payment issue. Actually I do not have full information. Can you please share?

after HF21 free downvotes are available, that decreases your payout.
Decreases author payout to 50% from 75%.
Decreases Post payout Pool by 10%.
Read HF21 post about this.My post is also their. You can check @steemitblog posts and search HF21 changes in google search engine.

Thanks for your valuable information. I will check it. Thanks a lot.

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