WazirX Token Unlocked ( WRX ) - Trading Started

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WazirX Token Unlocked : WRX - Trading Started - 0.05$ / WRX

Good News for wazirx token (WRX) holder, specially for Indian crypto community that WRX token is listed on wazirx exchange and trading has started about a day ago and it is nicely trading at 0.05 $ price say Rs. 3.60. The 10% of whatever you earn before is now unlocked (liquid) but a cap of maximum 5000 WRX. The more details about it you can check their on official announcement at here.


We can use our unlocked WRX tokens to trade, or pay trading fees (when it’s enabled), or simply HODL. I am very excited and it looks now amazing to me. I have bought about 1000 WRX now. What you are thinking ? Where it can go? Now, you all know that wazirx is with Binance and Binance has nice presence in crypto space at world level. So, Hurry before price will increase.

I am not an investment adviser, the complete decision upto you. I am just informing that WRX coin is now available for trading, that's it. Enjoy the happening....

In this complete good news one thing is coming slightly bad on the hand of sign-up and referral bonus as below mentioned that

WRX sign up & referral bonus update
With effect from 27th January 2020 11:59 PM IST, we’re stopping the WRX sign up bonus program.

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I would love to buy but I have yet to open an account with wazirx.

Posted via Steemleo

Why not? you can do this by just doing some simple steps at wazirx website and you will have the account.

How can I connect my bank account with it when RBI has banned transactions related to Cryptos?

There is no need to connect bank account on wazirx. Only you have to open trading account here. Just deposit the crypto from other exchange here and start trading. Or just buy USDT through P2P and start trading. That's it.
If you like use my referral link https://wazirx.com/invite/t6umczbs

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wow that's good.

Yes, it is very good by looking the indian crypto market.