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When I am in Mumbai I never miss to come at least once to this place. It is one of my favorite hang out place in the city and I have mentioned this before as well. The Nariman Point area, it's the sea side corniche. My last visit was a short one and a very hectic one as well attending all the house chores. I was feeling like I may not get a chance to be here, but then on the last evening before my travel I had some time late in the evening so I grabbed the opportunity to come here.

I cannot tell you how happy I feel every time I come here. I can sit here for hours all by myself just looking at the water and the scenes around. Over the weekend this place is super packed, so I avoid coming here on a weekend. On a week day it is nice, there are people, but still you can find your peaceful place.

Since childhood I have enjoyed coming here. I would come with my friends and spend time here, In my courtship days with hubby we used to come here very often to spend our evenings, then for a few years one of my office was in this place. I have always been connected with this place and enjoy the vibe of this place. My home is also not very far from here. If I walk out, it would be half an hour walk. While sitting here took some pictures.








This is my ex-office building, it was on the 10th floor, sea facing and the best place I could ever ask for to work.

There is a lot of land reclamation that has happened in the last 20 years. This is all the new part that has been extended in the last 2 decades.

I have a company

The golden light building is one of the city hospital.

This is one place I think of coming all the time. If I am happy I like to come here, If I am sad then also I like to come here. I feel like this place is always listening to me.

Thank you for visiting my blog. 👼🏻👼🏻💖💖🌹🌺🌸



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It is a place that gives you peace of mind. I'm glad you were able to go before you left for home.
The hospital building really caught my eye. With all that lighting it looks like a tourist attraction!

Ya, everyone thinks it's a hotel but not really. Quite an attractive building in the city.

This place looks really magical, like a magical place from a Disney movie. I can understand why you love it here.

Greeting Ma’am Naina🥰🥰

You are right, it just feels very magical to be here.
Wish you a good day @ibbtammy

Though I have never been to Mumbai but this is the place that I have seen so many times in movies. This is a nice place and I heard that life is so fast in Mumbai so this can be a good spot for some relaxing time. Pictures are so good @nainaztengra

In the past this place was famous for movie shoots but now no more, since there is lot of crowd here at any given time and too much of construction work also going on around.

Oh I did not know. I will be visiting this place certainly when I visit Mumbai but not sure when. Thanks for sharing about this place. I got more details about this place.

This will certainly be a place to visit and explore around

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I think seeing the distance of the buildings at the other end helps put things into a different perspective and the calm and serene atmosphere is great for introspection. I can definitely see myself favouring this place after a few visits :)

The view is refreshing even in photos, no doubt you like visiting the place. Your ex-office building looks beautiful, I could only imagine how amazing it will feel to work there

Rajasthan is very beautiful, enjoy it and stay with us. Thanks for sharing 🙏

This is a magical place for you, many times I have looked the pictures of this place... this is so beautiful... golden building is also looking stunning 😄