Tallest Statue in the World to be built in India.

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Some of you guys must be wandering that you already heard this news around year ago then why the hell i am reposting it.

Actually what you heard earlier was thue and one such statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is already build in Gujrat, popularly known as Statue of unity. He was amongst the one uniting 562 princEly state of Indian Subcontinet of form Union of Inida.

It is already world tallest building with height measuring at 182 meters.
But this is all what already happened.


Now another state of India, Uttarpadesh is planning to install a 251 meter tall statue of Lord Ram at Ayodhya.

It is being planned to installed around River Sarayu in Ayodhya covering around 100 Hectare of Land.
Lord Ram was a King of Ancient India and also an Avtar of God, he was also considered as an living example of how a person should conduct his life. "Ramayana" is based upon journey of his life.

So the India is going to break its own record.
You may read further details here

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