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I feel very heavily that the majority of social inference is based on finding answers where there are none, or the easiest, most suiting one.
You could probably discuss the typical traits of men and the lives they lead, and of women, and you could look at things like the standards each possess. As far as the limited understanding goes, from dating apps information and what not, men tend to overmatch romantically, while women do not; men will very often feel outclassed, even by women who are not as wealthy, intelligent or attractive as them, women will seek partners who outclass them, often, this leads to a strange phenomena where the 'best' men in traditional senses date women who are below the cusp, I would not put too much stock into this either, and I would question the credulity of such assertions (both the data of apps, and the article). It is probably highly individual, and due to having a harder time selecting others, etc., on top of being exaggerated.
I know a lot of men, from personal experience, who feel very embarrassed by capable women - similar to the 'I can do anything a man does' complex of a growing number of women, people who have rather shallow traits tend to be shallow, not too much of a surprise :bShrug:
One could also wonder if higher intelligence, as terrible as suggesting it can be measured reasonably is, their lives do not obstruct them. They may get caught up in more involved and academic lives than the typical lady, and perhaps they have far less of a chance to settle down and what not
So rather than male distaste, it could be entirely due to the probability of finding and accepting partners, in variable ways, etc.
Men typically are expected to hold down a job when they get married and their spouse to look after the children, while htey work, of course, so this does not apply nearly as much
I think you can see how quickly most inferences fall to pieces when you acknowledge that inputs and outputs do not have to be singular and so on, the most likely thing is that it is a combination of everything. And remember, women are not saints - the same distaste experienced by intellectual competition in men? Definitely something that can be the case in women. You could not logically rule it out, in any case. So on and so forth.


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