You definitely are not Greg, lol, (forget his last name, the dude you are always posting his videos). I know somethings up because I get more investors calling, texting or sending me mail now then I do robo calls. At least once a day. I was seriously considering it but they actually want you to just give the place away...though I admit the market is so tight there offers are going up....but with a duplexes selling upwards of three hundred and seventy thousand that ups the anty of updating it myself and raking in big money. (At least to me it would be). Why let someone else rake in hundreds of thousands because I know they'll probably also get a variance that will let them build a house in the empty lot. I've seen this before though with the housing crash of 2008, they said my house was worth 126,000 back then, which was a lot for this area and gentrification was just a thought beginning to brew. Then the crash happened and down, down, down it went and if they hadn't gone back up the next year's taxes assessment would have been lower than what I paid for the place. I don't know whether to chance it or not, will I get it all done before a crash or not, hate to have a higher payment and not be able to survive a crash if one occurs.

I recently checked out your website dear friend, and a lot of the websites under conspiracies don't work any more. Any idea why?...and yes america is about to be iN venezuela's shoes, i believe.

I forgot to renew something. I think it's all fixed now though.

Awesome. Just need to make my way back there now

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