A Fair Comparison?

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It's not even close, in the first part there are reports and the numbers of victims are widely challenged, in the latter part - to the right of the picture - the whole world is witnessing it with more monitoring techniques and with the culprits even bragging about it.

In the earlier part it was never about a religion as more about levels in societies and those who were loyal to the ruling party against those who weren't loyal to the party nor to the state they were in when the financial crisis hit it hard earlier, they even exploited the crisis to gain money on the account of the poor ordinary citizens.

In the latter part, the right part of the picture, not only they're committing genocide and ethnic cleansing, they're attributing it to some fake biblical promises to other people, to their own victims the real Semite people of the Levant, as many have already pointed out here and it's an established fact.

When someone tried to use the 'anti-Semitic' threat against the admins of the photo they simply replied in their comment:

"We're saying that Zionists are doing to Palestinians what they claim Nazis did to Jews in Europe, so what's the difference between them? If Nazis were bad, Zionists are worst especially taking advantage of the Jews 'suffering' to inflict suffering onto others which adds ugliness to their ugly crimes in Palestine."

Which I find very adequate.

Image source: New Syria FB page


Bad Jews are not Jews any more than the NAZIs were German.

La historia se ha vuelto de revez, los judios son los nuevos fascistas y los palestinos los oprimidos #boicottoisrael