Britain's Package to Destroy Syria: The White Helmets and Channel 4

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Britain, the mother of all evil, has contributed a lot in the destruction of Syria, that's a main priority for it that comes before improving its healthcare system which the contribution to the EU membership instead of it triggered Brexit.

This edifice is not on the Syrian Health Ministry's list of hospitals & therefore it is not a hospital, no matter what Britain's Channel 4 claims. It also shows no signs of being bombed.

Aside from its major listening (spying) large base in Cyprus focused on Syria, its ambulance vehicles gifted to al-Qaeda which were more modern than those in the UK itself, it hosted the main anti-Syria propaganda center one-man show house aka SOHR, it has occasionally used its membership in different international organizations to demonize the Syrian state for fighting the terrorists it sponsors, including at the UNSC, repeatedly, it has bombed Syrian sites with its international war criminal buddies the USA and France based on fake reasons as we learned from the exposure of the OPCW manipulation of Douma report, not that it had any right in the beginning to do so without any approval from the UNSC.

Leave that all aside and look at its propaganda contribution to destroy Syria. Britain is the mother of BBC, which is the main source of propaganda which is partly owned by the US state department (it bought shares in it to float it when it was facing financial crisis not that the US citizens would benefit more from that money than some crazily high salaried presenters at the BBC).

Two main tools other than SOHR created and work hand in hand with Al-Qeada Levant aka Nusra Front aka HTS to create narrative to destroy the last secular country in the entire region if not beyond as well, using radical terrorists imported from all sides of the world.

The latest in this revelation is a new Channel 4 video report, the channel kept back 7 months since last August to release it at the time the Syrian Army and its allies are cleaning up Saraqib and going after al-Qaeda terrorists. It released this propaganda report just before the UNSC is meeting to discuss Idlib, how timely is that? And just as Turkish NATO Army smuggles into Syria a column of soldiers to stand as a buffer between the advancing Syrian troops and al-Qaeda, literally as human shields, Erdogan sacrifices the Turkish Army to save al-Qaeda is nothing new, while Israel was bombing several sites in southern Syria with the help of the USA and the rest of NATO to distract the SAA efforts.

The video is shredded to pieces, bit by bit, by Miri Wood, a 20+ years veteran nurse in the top US medical facilities, and professional photographer giving her the perfect tools to spot the incompetence in this latest propaganda stunt. Here's her findings: Channel 4 – White Helmets Collaboration: Britain’s Propaganda Package to Destroy Syria.

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'The mother of all evil', exactly.