Free speech is the enemy of power

Power corrupts. Corrupt people would lose power if their corruption is exposed. People speaking out about corruption imperil those in power. It's a pretty simple relationship.

The linked video is instructive on the corruption in the PRC and WHO. The actions of China and the U.N. discussed in the video appear to be directed more toward maintaining their power / authority than solving a public health crisis. This is an anecdote about the tension between the free flow of information and the accumulation / retention of power. I commend her courage in speaking out and pray for her safety.

More generally, those who want to stifle speech are serving the ends of the powerful (and corrupt). Limitations on free speech, whether social media censorship, "hate speech" laws or the "cancel culture" don't serve the minority communities or dispossessed. They serve the interests of those in power. "Shut up" is an argument made from a position of power, not from the powerless.

Consider the attacks on J.K. Rowling. She expressed an opinion that 5 years ago would not have resulted in any response. The powerful interests trying to "cancel" her are not engaging in a substantive argument / debate. They are exercising influence to shut her up. You can agree or disagree substantively with with Ms. Rowling said. That's fine. Engage in civil debate. But depriving her of the opportunity to voice her opinion is Orwellian and, frankly, evil.

Freedom of speech includes the freedom not to speak. The "silence is violence" movement to compel only approved speech is no less a violation of free speech than other types of censorship.

The market place of ideas freely exchanged is a means of exposing truth and a check on the actions and corruption of the powerful, whether or not in government. A market has a way of rejecting speech without value. We should be concerned with persons or entities whose contribution to the market is suppressing the speech of those with whom they disagree. We should express our concern as needed by calling out those who co-opt and silence the speech of others.


Thank you for pointing that out. You are correct that I should have recognized that many well-intentioned physicians / scientists / leaders in PRC made every effort within their abilities to prevent the virus spread and treat patients (and that such efforts met with success) without regard to misinformation and stifling of information exchange promoted by the leadership.

When I spoke of China, I referred to its government, which has a well-documented history of corrupt actions (which is something that can probably to said of all centralized authorities). I do not have an opinion (or knowledge) of whether the Israeli government is involved in any propaganda campaign against China and believe that it is likely that Israel has its hands full with regional and internal issues. I reject the notion that individual persons of the jewish faith have any coordinated intent to take any action against China. In fact, I do not attribute any malicious motive to particular groups of people based on identifies (whether jewish, chinese, caucasion or otherwise). People act as individuals or collectively through their respective nation-states. People are not bees in a hive (no pun intended) that act in unison base on identities. There are element of supremacy present in many cultures all around the world.