That poor girl is a religious fundamentalist. And a bad actor as well ;)

Lol its an absolute fact and everything we do is bad don't you try and muddy the waters with your logic. I'm all for sustainable living but some of the arguments they have are wack, mob mentality and half-arsed solutions. Like i'm happy to support your intentions but the message and method is not sound

You're trying to justify something to an inbred halfwit. Don't bother.

This is the stupidest and most disturbing thing ive seen in a while and the mainstream media seems to be perpetuating it.

A girl that got her head filled up with stuff she can barely comprehend and she has temper tantrums like a spoiled brat in front of the world because of it.

Dont get me wrong. Man made climate change is a thing. Its happening.
But the excessive aggression by the activists is unreasonable.

Technological advancement will probably eradicate completely dependance on fosil fuels in the next 100 years.
The planet couldnt give two shits about a marginal increase in temperature. Its us humans that feel the effects but portraying this as the biggest calamity of our generation is retarded.

The climate change fanatics are amazingly ignorant. They give so much additional power to the state to run our every day life, all because of a belief in something that has not been proven to be a man made event.

I also find it funny that they will not live the life that would be required to reach their CO2 reduction targets. They still drive cars that are powered by either gasoline or coal and natural gas (such green electric cars lol). They still require massive energy to heat and cool their homes. They still use products that are created from oil. I do not seem any of the fanatics living like a cave man but then again they would freeze since they do not want to hurt animals either.

surprised they took this long to use a child for this propaganda. also creating yet another divide between human beings: age.

go satan.

Don't bid bot this @drakos. I needs me some of that curation bounty! Looks like @informationwar @lordbutterfly, @paradigmprospect beat me to the punch!

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Don't get mad. Just my strange sense of humour.

I won't.

Our curation is not botted, it is manual curation by humans.

Never said it was and that was a joke about the last post. Only accused you of being far-right not a bot. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Thank you for making it clear that your curation is manual. Evidently you did not get my humour so let me explain it for you...

There were a great many downvotes on @drakos last post with some comments discussing the downvotes that he used a number of bots to upvote his post. The joke above is referring to those downvotes and how it will effect both author and curation rewards.

My tagging you was also part of the joke as you upvoted/curated the post before me which means you get a bigger piece of the pie when it comes to curation.

Oh the complexities of making an inside joke regarding the nuances of STEEM economics!

Well, one last comment and I am done. Whether the changes to the environment are happening because of historical cycles of the earth, human influence through pollution, or both. The question is what can we do about it?

Here is a video by Joe Scott. A little long but I was entertained. I believe it is non-political, non-tribal and explains the views of both sides of the climate change conversation. If you have time you may wish to check it out. Watch it all the way to the end. You will be surprised by his summation.

This spoiled girl looks so obvious that she is manipulated and is used, first by her parents, second by the elites she represents.

Yeah + she is Soros funded and Antifa! Can't make this stuff up ROFL! The left is getting insaner and insaner unfortunately. I wrote a two posts about how she is antifa and soros funded if you wanted to check em out. Peace!

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Ways you can help the @informationwar!

I'm aware of Soros activities and involvment in domestic terrorist movements like Antifa.

The guy seems to run everything.

domestic terrorist


1% upvote for self-aggrandizement, groundless accusations, and shilling your account which is not very informational but recycles far-right vitriol. Well at least your are recycling. Kudos for that.

My opinion and I am entitled to it! Have a nice week!



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Yes! And now I'd like to see her say the same thing to the face of the Premier of China.

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China is the #1 polluter/CO2 emitter, I'd like to see her travel to China and lecture the communist party.

I think she could fit the acting role of Wednesday Addams of the Addams family, assuming she could avoid having her organs harvested in the name of the Socialist state.

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Do not insult Wednesday Addams! 😩

Bravo, you have the common decency to tell me why you downvoted unlike the cowering turds those that don't are. Peace.

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I haven’t downvoted you 😅

A thousand Gothic pardons as I can still dream of playing the part of the eternal Morticia. The game is still afoot! 🦇

Posted using Partiko Android awaits you

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She spoke at the UN, idiot

And is Premier Li Keqiang himself at the UN? Ambassador MA Zhaoxu, of the People's Republic of China to the United Nations will likely submit an ABC prioritized report to Li and the State Council of issues assuming if she gets on the C list. While western media and the UN Globalists make a big deal out of their darling little Eco girl, the Chinese government doesn't until Trump puts a price tag with it. Li himself will likely not read past the B list. I live among lots of Chinese people for years as my neighbors, even learned some Cantonese, and my son is learning Mandarin. I got a pretty good idea how they think. Peace.

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lol dude what does this have to do with the fact that all nations need to get into gear?

I do my part, with a small Recycling business on the side. Doesn't make much, practically loose change but what's your agenda? For me like @drakos I've seen a lot of Doomsday predictions come and go. I got out of joining Doomsday religious cults as this has the same hallmarks of one as those in the past. If I'm an idiot, then I am one for believing everything they say and joining them without looking at the bigger picture. I do not see this as genuine altruism as it's more about gaining power, and the puppet strings leading up to the corporations that are controlling this narrative of fear, meanwhile my Carbon tax dollars just disappear into corporate pockets as little else is really done.

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We aren't predicting anything anymore, people have legitimately died already all over the hottest parts of the world. Carbon taxes are regressive and only hurt the people, don't let neoliberal tomfoolery lead you astray.

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Sorry to hear people are some delusional. Enjoy a couple funnies from Carpe Donktum.

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Now that is very nasty. Comparing this little girl to Adolph Hitler is way over the top. Some may find it funny. Not me. Not triggered, just saddened by such hate focused on this little girl.

Whether she is being manipulated or not is not her fault. This is the type of bullying behavior I engaged in as a child and now days when I am drunk.

These people are just delusional and love to hate and love to attack innocent people based on nothing. It's pure demented psychopathy.

I have not seen what this youg woman say ... but I'm sure I not want see :)))
I not look TV ... so I not need info from there :))