Digital Programmable Currencies... When (almost) Nobody Can Buy Cryptos Anymore...

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We've become deeply troubled about world affairs and we're moving into a twilight zone. It's very sad to state that humanity may well deserve what is happening. Irrationality is rampant. Unfettered self-interest and cognitive dissonance have infiltrated the global system to a point of saturation. Despite all this, every day we wander social media with the hope of coming across an omen that could signal the beginning of a return to sanity. Every day we shake our heads in disbelief.

We all wish to live in a better world but have to admit that we're on the brink of losing it. We want to care about recycling our trash but it all ends up being dumped into the environment anyway. We buy organics but the air we inhale gets ever more polluted and we breathe microplastics. We want electric vehicles but the extraction of rare earth mining is (one of) the largest polluting industries. We'd go on and on, examples abound.

That s right, we're losing it as a species.

Many who like to regard themselves as the protectors of freedom and democracy were the first to get offended by the "Oscar slap" trap but shrugged at data showing that Pfizer is highly likely behind the hilarious red carpet event All staged. Alopecia Areata drug is due to hit the market soon and one of the so many adverse events of the shot is (strangely) Apolacia.

Crowds are in the grip of madness.

How many haven't we seen rally behind the mandates claiming that protecting the weak (with an injection) was more important and now nodding in agreement with the coalition against Russia while Ukraine sits on a huge pile of natural resources and that corporate sharks are plotting the takeover of lithium mining in Ukraine. When a country plunges into war, its currency sinks too and capitalists rejoice. That crisis will not go to waste... for some.

Save the Planet, Behead the Military Budget

But in the meantime, the Biden administration shouts that covid funds have run out and urges Congress to sign a new $22 billion spending bill.

Although the planet has always been in the grip of ruling ideologies, what is today taking place is beyond imagination and Karma will eventually strike us hard for not having stood up much sooner. Many are going to wake up and find out that they have become a new kind of societal pariah rejected for grasping the absolute nonsensicality of taking sides.

This is how an authentic planetary peace movement will come about eventually.

Our situation is truly precarious. This morning we read that the world debt was getting close to $300 trillion a few months ago, and most people just care about their own business as usual completely oblivious that social credit is seriously discussed behind closed doors. All this while the food shortages are creeping up worldwide we learned from the Ice Age Farmer's latest video on Youtube.

But the mediatic fear porn is hiding something far more sinister...

JUNE 2021 ON MSN The Bank of England has called on ministers to decide whether a central bank digital currency should be “programmable”, ultimately giving the issuer control over how it is spent by the recipient. --- effectively allowing a party in a transaction, such as the state or an employer, to control how the money is spent by the recipient --- She compared a programmed digital currency to the US system of paying benefits in vouchers, as it could have a similar goal of restricting the recipient to buying only essentials such as food with the money.

Of course, such a decision can't be implemented as long as the economy still is afloat but with the climate lockdowns lurking, the specter of a possible Afghanistan redux in Ukraine, and the threat of a sudden economic demise most people will approve the restriction of their own choices for the sake of societal stability. Well, that is what they will be told.

Although it is our understanding that the economy as a whole is already programmable, digital programmable currencies will be proven merciless because there simply won't be a way to get around. Indeed, we do not see how a crypto account could wire money to a regular bank account either as the transfer could be marked as "unauthorized". Digital programmable currencies' conversion into cryptos might also very likely be prohibited.

Our impression is that only those who have made millions in the crypto market will be able to afford special favors and loopholes, while small investors will see their stash evaporate over time and outsiders will have a very hard time buying them.

We have been warned. That financier in the video below tells us exactly what is going to happen... and we suggest that you include physical silver in your portfolio because the transition is going to be brutal.

Here’s that quote again, with some emphasis added: The key difference [with a CBDC] is that the central bank would have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of that expression of central bank liability, and they have the technology to enforce that.”


Now that is the ultimate lockdown!
And Your right, physical Silver is a way to go!
Ultimately, as always this will cause an underground black market economy to co-exsist...

Hello @lesmann !
Black-market with hard money then - I dont see how it could happen otherwise - this end game has been in the plan for quite some time

Maybe, or a system where hackers "over write" digital destinations of currency, even shadow companies..
And yeah.. the plan has been there longer than the people who act it out..

I dont support any escalation because it also exponentially increases domination from both sides and this can only lead to annihilation - polarities never win - we need to get to the center where starts sovereignty

Considering the mess where in already in respect to currency alone I don't know how we would get to that.
Most of the worlds wealth currently is virtually non-existent. It's not gold, or silver just paper or digits.
A system built basically on people telling you their rich because there is nothing tangible about it.
And these people run the show and are not letting go, which I think is what the post was about, how they are not letting go...