Is Democracy being Destroyed by the Hands of the Globalists and the Faithful Followers of their Fold ? The Happy Traitors to All Free Thinking Human Beings!

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So with now in Europe Political parties being formed by the quickly growing Muslim Community in Europe asking for the implementation for the " by Western standards " Barbaric Sharia Law where nothing of our belief in individual rights won with thousands of years of fighting will be left as a backward warrior nation takes over and with it removing women's rights ,them being reduced to that simply of animals and even below ! Should we be asking serious questions now about if our once so important Democratic system of rule of law is brushed aside by this new belief system in Europe of Islam !

Also when you consider that in the case of the British who voted " democratically " to leave the E,U with Brexit in 2016 are still after two years not even near to leaving and with now the remainders still winging about having lost this Historic vote still pushing for a re-vote of all things as if somehow the first vote was a mistake and should be ignored and revoted again until the minority of this country that voted to remain seemingly win and are happy !! Insane really that these people would so openly defy and ignore what was indeed a democratic election one which if we lived in a normal world would be respected by all side !! But sadly not now !

With some mouthpiece of the Lonny Loser Left Gina Miller saying that that the vote to Leave and Brexit Europe was totally " nonesensical" and a mistake one that for her clearly needs to be remedied by a revote !! So clearly these people have no real understanding or respect for the word " Democracy " and by their whining do their best to destroy it to the point of it being null and void in the near and coming future !

Is Democracy Dead In Europe? | The Brexit Betrayal & Rise Of Minority Parties

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Published on 8 May 2018

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Europe is a cesspool of evil - and frankly - globalist-imposed 'white guilt. Unless these lazy idiots get off their submissive asses - they might as well roll over to Shariah and Totalitarianism now.
Wait - most have already.

Yes i totally agree with you my good and old friend @globocop ! I have just had a friend of mine from my days of France ! He was telling me some pretty depressing stories from there ! Its alot worse than we can even imagine ! I think Europe will fall or it will be a Killing ground of Millions !! who knows either way it does not look good at all !

Hey gomera - yeah - I've been to France - near Toulouse in 2016. It's awful - and probably too late to be saved, unless they 1) close their borders, 2) remove all unlawful refugees 3) proscecute all crimes, incl. that of Moslems, and best yet: Make Islam illegal in France. It is not a religion. It is a cult-ideology. But what do I know - I am the frog with the tea.

hello Brother ! yeah its a lost cause until they win it back, i think all this can be done once the PC bs mantras have been removed from peoples brainwashing !! its a mess and thats for sure, many will die of this i am certain so sadly !

Poland aint going to fall, not while I am here, and yes, the rest is gone already to apathy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks again @informationwar and wakeupnd for your curation and vote on this post !

Thank you for this interesting post. Bad news every single day for anyone using atleast a tiny bit of common sense. In Sweden a certain islamist "phalanx" has slowly risen to lead a social democratic youth organisation. Link below (although it's in Swedish).

Some countries have simply gone beyond the point of saving, it seems.

I live in Finland and we are still far behind Sweden, when it comes to muslim population and general stupidity. I can only hope that remins as such. Although many of our own politicians are the same as in europe in general. Finland officially wants closer relations and deeper integration with the EU. But only officially, majority of the people can see what EU really is. Globalist wet dream and failed project.

yes but sadly i am afraid you will see that the minority of power pullers in your country will still manage to implement their policy of european sucicide to Islam ! Even though the majority of people do not want these barabaric sorts to come to their shores they arrive because of a hundred or more "power makers" have decided that its for the best !

Yeh, I don't think there ever WAS democracy.

Since the world is ruled by the Vatican, how can there EVER be democracy?

This was just a fallacy that was spread to make us THINK we had democracy.

They needed to keep us calm, & this is why they've RAMPED up the poisons & the 5G, because people are becoming more aware, so they have to stop us from taking our LIVES back!

You are focusing on the muslims instead of who is REALLY to blame for all of this, THE VATICAN!!!

Excuse me for having low vote power, allow me to tip u. :-)

Globalism is the son of communism and socialism. The European Union is practically a supranational state that eliminates the decision-making power of people over their own country.

Yes @martinmcfly, thats it completely, to say that is anything else but this is just naive and politically very misinformed!