Sometimes the Print Paper Gets It Right


Why Isn't Every News Paper Talking About the NWO?

It's a rhetorical question, because we all know who owns the newspapers. We all know the philosophy of news story writers. We all know the narrative they are trying to create and re-enforce.

But sometimes things slip through the cracks... a crack of light in the darkness.


Christianity is Under Attack Like Never Before. The New World Order Cadre Will Not Rest Until Christianity is Eradicated!

This article was found in our local news paper. I was shocked, since it's a very secular paper. It was actually an ad for the ICPM or Inter City Church Planting Ministry encouraging people to get together to form bible study groups.

It's brilliant.

Christianity is Under Attack Like Never Before. The New World Order Cadre Will Not Rest Until Christianity is Eradicated! The one thing that no government in history has ever been able eradicate is the 2-person home bible study
So that is what we are recommending for you; a two-person home bible study that will survive the most difficult times. Nobody but you and your partner (including ourselves) knows with whom, where, when or even if you meet

Remember the Lord's words: whenever two or more are gathered together in my name, there Matthew 18:20 "What then should we to these things? If God be for us, who can be against?" Here are some recommendations:

As you get started, go to the ICPM (Inner-city Church Planting Mission) website " and select Teaching Resources/Teaching Videos for your bible studies. The ICPM has reaching on many different subjects, in 20 languages.

Select one of you to be an elder. Go to the bible and review the requirements for church elders, I Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:7 and Acts 20:28. If the lifestyle of the person that is to become the elder does not fully conform to these requirements, he must change his lifestyle to conform thereto. That person will then experience di vine healing. Although the Lord will sometimes allow that elder to experience some form of sickness (for God's glory) in general, the elder's health is now in the Lord's hands.

As an elder, the two of you can now practice the healing process described in James, 5:14-15. The ICPM has practiced this procedure for many years, and we have experienced many miraculous healing by our Lord's hands. You will not find a more sure healing procedure anywhere! The ICPM has kept meticulous records on the results of this procedure over may years. Its records show that the sick person was healed over 90% of the time. Remember: Spiritual Healing (eternal life) can be yours if you-by faith-"call upon the Lord Jesus Christ" John 3:16-18; Romans 10:13 am Ephesians 2:8-9

Although you can expand your bible study to more than two members, we do not keep the number to protect your anonymity.

This is the beginning of an underground church, like in China.

Another Glimpse of Light

The Epoch Times also occasionally reports beyond the typical political free-market vs socialism, left / right paradigm.


Despite your paper's generally courageous reporting, as a family physician I am dismayed that the Epoch Times keeps forgetting to report on the screaming danger signals emanating daily from the only alarm bell we have for COVID "vaccines", the FDA's constantly 10 to 100 fold underported VAERS system (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).

Digital Media

Digital media is great, but unlike the blockchain, nothing is immutable. Headlines can change, news stories are black-holed, accounts disappear, information vanishes. But physical news papers, as long as they are preserved, created a tangible record of information.

Paper records make it more difficult to lie.

The NWO wants a CHANGABLE Past

Just like in the famous book 1984, the people in charge do not want the people to think for themselves and reach their own conclusions, but conform to the HIVE (irony intended there) mind of the collective, dictated by the authorities in charge. That means sometimes, history must change, no matter how absurd it seems today.

Don't Fall for the Mandela Effect

The Madela Effect is the idea that somehow memories can lie and the past is occasionally changed. Sometimes this seems authentic, since we have very strong memories of something and evidence is given to proof them wrong.

Yes, memories can be mistaken.

If you want to learn more about Mandela Effect, it's an interesting subject, but don't be so niave to believe it's true, even for a moment. I've had people SWEAR to me that they remember things that simply are not true.

Believe me, the supposed Mandela Effect is BUNK.

History Revisions

I believe someday in future generations, the record of the moon landing will be erased from history. Anyone who suggest such a "ridiculous" notion will be mocked and ridiculed. Why will the record of the moon landing be erased from history? Because the scam is being exposed and they cannot and will not admit to the people that they successfully scammed US tax payers out of millions of dollars.. PER DAY! So, once the history revisionist gains FULL control, they can edit that out of history. They can't quite do it yet, too many baby boomers still around who say they saw it with their own eyes. Too many 80's kids enchanted with NASA and space stuff and the next generation has also been indoctrinated.

But give it a few generations and we would be amazed at what people will believe.

I believe someday society at large will mock anyone who says Australia is upsidedown.


No matter how much our self-declared masters insist on controlling our understanding of history to fit their narrative, to manipulate us to fanatical and radical behavior, history is permanent and cannot be changed. Only the teaching of it can be changed.

There is nothing that can be done (no, time machines don't exist) to change the past. As crazy as it seems, some will postulate this as a real possibility.

Underground Newspapers

Underground newspapers can circulate memories of generations past, they can discuss current events with true context, they can introduce ideas that challenge the "safe and effective" artificial beliefs that have been inserted into their arms.

Truth inoculations for the price of the paper and print.

What Do You Think?

Is Mandela effect real? Can the past be changed? Are things really like we assume? Can we trust conventional digital media for our records? Will we go back to print someday?

Curious to know your thoughts, HIVE MIND. :-)


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Bless the Most High!



What Do You Think?

There should be a similar newspaper to your local newspaper in every country to write about the truth.

Is Mandela effect real?

I wish I know. I heard about it before, but I do not know.

Can the past be changed? Are things really like we assume?

Good questions. Some people (even some of the scientists) say that we live in a simulation. If that is true, then everything can be changed anytime. I also agree that this physical world is not real, because what we call "born" and "death" are not the starts and the endings, but just/only transitions, and many of the NDEs (Near-Death Experiences) confirms this. We are not physical, and the time is an illusion. Time exists in this physical world only. There is actually no past, no future, no time either. Just/only the present and the eternity.

So we are currently living either in a simulation, in an illusion, or in a test. Either way, it is not real. It feels real, but it is actually not real.

NDERF is worth to check. Currently that is the largest NDE database on the internet, and it is being constantly/regularly updated.

Currently (at the time of the writing of this comment) there are 4991 NDEs on it.

Can we trust conventional digital media for our records?

Blockchain is certain. Once you publish something, it cannot be changed. It cannot be deleted. It can be changed, but the original version will still be visible on the blockchain.

Will we go back to print someday?

Printed newspapers and other printed things are still "in fashion" in many parts of the Earth. And this post is a good example for this.

Thank you for your thoughts. The technical details of how this world works is pretty fascinating. I make a distinction between "real" and "not real" based on certain universal parameters. Hallucinations, dreams, imagination - these are "real" in the context of a mental state and perhaps metaphysically, but "not real" in the context of this tangible and interactive reality. Physically walking across a bridge or climbing a mountain or riding a bike - as long as these are not done in an artificial virtual environment, they are "real" and there are no elements of "not real" involved. Of course "augmented" reality is becoming popular, mixing real and not real elements together. But there is still a distinction between "real" and "not-real".


Near-death experiences are fascinating also, especially with the understanding of the separation of body, soul and spirit. There seems to be an ongoing SOUL experience (metaphysically) after the body is no longer functioning in service and the spirit is returned to the LORD of the Spirits who lent it. I believe in a "soul sleep" until the resurrection. There may be a dream "reality" that we experience that is related to our behavior and faith in life: what we may call "heaven" or "hell".

I too believe that the past is permanent and without change. God horas it all recorded.