True, but the Constitution only gives them control of DC. They are not allowed to control any other land area here.

Hunting regulations should be a recommendation, not a regulation! Some people need hunting to feed their family. I would likely follow the recommended season, because I like the increased population of game animals.

But they do not have the Constitutional authority to REGULATE this!


But who owns national parks?

Ostensibly the government, but they are NOT allowed to own land outside DC.

Our Founding Fathers worried that the government would take too much land and impose upon private land ownership. So they made it Illegal, Now look where we are. There are states where the government owns a majority of the actual land in that state!

Exactly what we were warned about...originally....


But should the states own those lands? If states, counties, and cities, own some land, then that means it is not actually public property. When I lived in Vietnam, they told me that everybody, all the Vietnamese, own the land. But in reality, government owned it. Same thing in most countries. They can say that they all share it and yet final decisions are made by the government to the extent that voting does not affect their decisions. So, in other words, if people are able to vote and protest and do things to get local and state governments to do what we the people want them to do with our land, that is public land that is owned theoretically by everybody, then that is acceptable to the extent government is not corruptible.

Setting up the land in legal trusts, out of government control, will retain public use outside of government control.

The government is the single largest land owner in the USA. In spite of our Founding Father's warnings, and the fact that it is illegal and unconstitutional.

It us also dangerous due to the concentration of power in DC!



Of course we can trust them to Not abuse their illegally gained unconstitutional power...right?