THE LIBERAL OPINION - EU uses Copyright as excuse to control Speech on the Internet

in #informationwar4 years ago

For the past few months, people have been engaging in lobbying campaign targeting their individual countries MEPs.
The primary goal of said campaign was to convince MEPs to vote against Art.11, and Art.13, which are elements to a proposed by European Commission Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market.

On September 12th, they voted.

The European Parliament,
against the will of the people,
embraces yet another initiative by Un-elected European Commission
to regulate Freedom of Speech out of the picture.

If January vote is for "Yes", we might just make the Chinese government jealous of the Wall #EU is helping to erect.

In this recording I'm voicing my #Liberal #Opinion on this situation.


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Well stated point of view. Had no clue action was happening. I don't hear much about the EU unless its Trump on tariffs. To your point seems like smaller social media networks like Steemit and whaleshares platforms would be the way to exercise some freedom of speech. At least until the EU and other governments tries shutting them down. I guess it would be easy enough for them to attack the witness servers and take them down. I don't want to be an alarmist but sure seems like team wealthy is winning and the fight for control of media and free speech. Freedom and equality among the masses may have never been in more jeopardy globally.

They say, that "small and medium" platforms will be exempt under Art. 13.
So, yeah, you can have little bastions of free speech there.
But they would, at the same time, not have resource to obtain licences to build news aggregates and Art. 11 would effectively prohibit them from being viable alternative.
It seems to me, that under the guise of fighting monopolist, EU is deploying the measures to make sure that the monopolists are the only one that can survive on the market.
And, it's no surprise. It is easier to bargain with, and control the monopolist faceless corporation.
It's the same China is doing right now.
They strike a deal with Google to obey by Chinese rules, and then, they will regulate all the smaller Chinese alternative out of existence.
Because Google don't care about the Chinese people. They care about money, and money alone. Unlike, perhaps, Chinese based companies. :)
Europeans Union? More like Peoples Republic of Europe. ;)

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