BIGGEST GOLD SMASH IN A DECADE by the Fed & Banking Cabal!

BIGGEST GOLD SMASH IN A DECADE by the Fed & Banking Cabal!


The International Banking Cabal is hard at work this morning

SMASHING GOLD DOWN $80 from $1960 to below $1880.

In my 10+ years of watching this market on a daily basis, I have NEVER seen them smash it this much.

It must have cost them in the multiple tens of billions of dollars to do this. I wonder how many thousands of paper contracts (naked shorts) they've conjured this time, but it HAS to be a record!

Anyone else fucking tired of this shit by an uncontrollable and unstoppable parasitical Satanic banking group of greedy mother fuckers?

I sure am.

Funny, how they can't seem to do the same with Bitcoin (only down 0.18%). I get the feeling a lot more gold bugs are going to be pouring into the one remaining asset they cannot fully control.

And I expect this cabal (more specifically the Plunge Protection Team at the US Treasury and NY Fed trading desk) to continue unabated now that they have they criminal puppet Biden in their back pocket.

They wreak of absolute desperation!

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

At some point, we are gonna have to take down these fucking turds.


Silver too:

Did something happen to the dollar I wasn't aware of?

Nope. Just a good 'ol smash masked and supported by the fake news of Bloomberg, Reuters, et al. while pumping the markets with their vaccine propaganda bullshit and hinting that this is the reason gold is down. What utter crap. But this is what drives the markets, pure 100% fakery at all levels. Sadly, I don't see it stopping any time soon.


Down $100. Biggest in a decade.