CNBC: "Maybe this was Man Made...?"

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Uh...duh...Ya think?? Still, for a mainstream media outlet to put that out there, FINALLY, is some kind of "progress"...I guess.

Check out this link:

Here is a key excerpt:

"The ban was so questionable, it sent shockwaves across the mainstream media, even making it as far as CBS National News, who stated: 'The financial website Zero Hedge is now barred from Twitter after publishing an article relaying a conspiracy theory that a Chinese scientist might be to blame for the coronavirus outbreak.'

But - as it often happens - the very same question that put us in our own social media 'quarantine' simply can't be ignored. As we have found over the years, if it is an idea worthy of critical examination - or better yet, the truth - it often times can't be hidden, much to the chagrin of the government and/or beta male social media CEOs.

This morning, CNBC's Eunice Yoon did an interview with Joe Kernen on Squawk Box where she offered an update on-the-ground in China. Among the topics discussed with Kernen was the origins of the virus. Yoon admitted in her discussion with Kernen that there was a 'theory' going around China that the virus could be man made. ...

(LMAO!!!...We know, and IT HAS BEEN PROVEN, that it CAN and DOES, ROUTINELY happen!!)

'There are plenty of theories out there because Wuhan does have a P4 lab,' Yoon says. She continues: 'There was a biochemical weapons expert who went from the Chinese military who went there - who is there now to look at some of the testing kits. Because she is there - maybe this was man-made and there’s a theory that this could have been part of a bioweapons program. But that’s just a theory.'

We must give credit to Yoon, who has been on the ground in China since the beginning of the outbreak and whose reporting has been relatively objective and doesn't appear (too much) to be pandering to the CCP or the World Health Organization's token narrative. Yoon also references back to this interview during which she really exposes the reality on the ground in China..."

You'll also want to check out the live video at the link above.

(People have been questioning these "solutions" since the 18th century!)

The dude on that same show has also been asking some "improper questions" as far as the CDC/WHO/Big Pharma paradigm is concerned.

Hopefully, this is an indication that people are finally waking up and questioning the medical establishment.

Trust me, that could not come at a better time, as we all know that the end game here may very well be to have us all shot up with their rigged and (probably deadly) "vaccine." What a better way to get everyone to take whatever TPTB want us to be injected with than to CREATE THE PROBLEM (pandemic) and then offer the "solution" (vaccines.)

Hegel would be so proud.


It's a trap!