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RE: Canadian Court IGNORES PARENT: Orders sex-change mutilation op.

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The medical industry is corrupt and harming us. The public school system is corrupt and harming our children. The justice department is becoming corrupt and taking away parental rights. Get out of Canada for sure. I need to leave NYS for this reason. I just hope I can pull that off before mandatory vaccination hits us all here, and that has been coming up fast even without the coronavirus hoax.

This is all so preposterous. All teenagers suffer from body and self-esteem issues. Are we going to let a teenager who thinks she is fat have gastric bypass?

And this pronoun business is absurd. My daughter went to the most liberal school in the world. Her roommate, when I met her, is clearly a woman and went by "she" at the time I met her, but due to the MANDATORY workshops in which the students discussed preferred pronouns, the roommate decided she would like to be referred to as "they". I tried to respect this choice, I truly did, but one day just in regular conversation I slipped up and used the pronoun that I learned as a toddler to use for women and you would think I had punched her in the face. It was so bizarre. This has to stop.

I maintain that, if you put a toddler in a room with a drag queen and ask the toddler if the queen is a man or a woman, the toddler would say man. It's a concept that is extremely easy for a child to learn, because it's an actual thing. My daughter has now told me that we should be instructing our toddlers to ASK EVERYONE WHAT THEIR PREFERRED PRONOUN IS. This is another fast track to really screwing our kids up.

And liberals complain that the courts are too conservative.

I just heard Hoog say "state sponsored child abuse". This is true. The medical industry is developing a new and highly lucrative market.


Excellent reply! I wish you had made a post of it, as well!

I will NEVER use any pronouns but the ones I grew up with.

I will refuse to even associate with anyone who asks otherwise.

I wrote a freewrite about an experience my cousin had that you might appreciate:

I think if I am ever in that position I will answer that my preferred pronoun is whichever pronoun the speaker would like to use to refer to me. They'd all choose female of course, unless they were idiots.


Ok. Thanks!

I write about this nonsense in my fiction all the time. I mock the preferred pronoun BS every chance I get. Here's another freewrite I wrote about it