Barrett Brown coming to Steemit? We Need Your help to make this happen!

in #informationwar4 years ago


If you don't know about Barrett Brown, here's a pretty good summation of his history to date via Wikipedia :

I'm friends with Barrett on facebook. Lately he's been banned by social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and I suggested that he post here on Steemit. He is open to the idea. He's in the middle of finishing work on his memoir, which is about to be published this upcoming year. There is also a film being developed about his story.

So this is a good opportunity for Steemit to get somebody posting on here that has some presence in the media.

Would people help me get him established and build up an audience here on Steemit. Barrett is busy on other pursuits related to his activism and journalism. He doesn't have the time to build up an audience here on Steemit.... but he does produce really good original writing. That's part of why I'm such a huge fan of his. He is a spectacularly gifted writer.

So let me know Steemit community.... can you all help me with the project of getting Barrett Brown up and running on Steemit?

Thanks in advance -- just drop a comment below.