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RE: I am not going to stop fucking saying it, Bitcoin Dev team is owned by Big Banks!!!

in #informationwar11 months ago

Let's not kid ourselves - you can tell many people as much as you want - they won't be interested. Decentralization? Real control? Fiddlesticks. In the end, it's all wording that obscures the one true goal: $$$$

There is no other way to explain the BNB hype. And then some people portray CZ as the rebel of the little man. I can only shake my head. But yo, in the end we help ourselves to all the disadvantages of cryptocurrencies, do without the advantages and live poor and together as eternal worker bees. I can already hear the eternal Ikea calling.

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I updated my post with some great links at the bottom for a good history of it all.

Hey, if like 10 to 100 people read this over the next few years I will be happy with that <3