Space energy pillars project ! join sino russian venture to get space energy accessible on earth.

in #informationwar2 years ago

so this is no a solution to anything, but a nice massive project, how to move energy from around earth to earth...

a pure state project, massive, I have heard the enemy forces seek to use this kind of things for bf energy, however we want massive scale. not to burn paris for example, no, no, to really move energy from space to earth on a first research project with the goal of moving a shit load of energy.

it isn't a private project, so the experiment goals is to achieve a nuke plant output from space on a single area of reception, aka for example a russian mine, meaning it can be a little widespread, but it must be safe and secure, and specially in case of adverse events (hacking, change of orbit, what ever...) safe.

or each one on his side, but moving on.
it part of the space station / moon base projects...

i don't say the enemy forces couldn t reach an industrial scale project before, but not starting is sure to not reaching. so go.

at least I like it.