My Clown World Covid exp with the CDC's guidance on returning to the office

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So many of you might have seen my previous post, myself and my kids and family essentially all got Covid at the same time(likely omicron but who knows!).

We have all recovered nicely and are doing fine.

Coming back into the office for work

From what has been put out by the CDC I guess or something or other, if you have covid you need to isolate for 5 days. If you have no symptoms and are fever free you are then ok to "go back into society" or something. BUT, it was 10 days previously. I'll have to find the link, or maybe one of you can comment it below, but the reduction from 10 days to 5 days was not really based on THE SCIENCE(TM), there was an interview with I think it was someone from the CDC where they said that the new policy was a combination of "what people will actually do and a balance of work life".

In other words, their new policy reduced the quarntine days from 10 to 5 because people wouldn't do 10 days and they need to get people back to work. That's fine with me, people came to work being sick with the "Flu", which are mainly Corona Viruses for all of human history.

Here's "The Science" that they have me following!!!

  1. "The Science", aka Dr Fauci, wants me to come to work despite me being able to spread covid for up to 14 days from intial symptoms. Most reporting that has been done has said covid can be spread up to 14 days later, and that we should quarntine for a full 2 weeks. I guess it's just Science to change it to 5 days.

  2. You self report the symptoms to your manager or HR, if you tell them you are doing fine you can come back to work. Obviously many people can lie about such things, the motivation being they don't want to burn up all their vacation days. There is no requirement for me to go to a Dr and get checked out in any way, it's Science really.

  3. I have to wear a Medical Facemask at work. The policy is if you get up from your cubical you have to wear this. This doesn't filter viruses at all, no Medical Facemask does, the ones that do are called KN-95 or sometimes N-95 as well.

  4. Since I had Covid I have to wear a Medical Facemask(which does not filter viruses) 100% of the time, until I am past 10 days. So Instead of working from home for another few days(of which we all were doing last year for almost the entire year), my boss and workplace told me I have to come into work and wear a Medical Facemask and work in my cube. A policy that will likely have me spread Covid to coworkers in my immediate surroundings.

  5. Once it is past the 10 days I don't have to wear a mask, despite covid being able to be spread for up to 14 days....

Clown World Science

It's very apparent now that none of these policies are based on Science, but on getting people back into the work place. I can sympathize with that, there are defintely people who have to work in jobs where they have to be there physically to do the job. My job I could 100% do remotely.

I didn't think we should be banning people from the work place to begin with for what will essentially turn out to be a common cold that has a similar death rate as the Flu(once the deaths are revised down, the CDC and other reporting agencies are now working on differentiating who DIED FROM COVID vs who DIED WITH COVID).

Flu Rona anyone?


I work in a science industry. I cussed out my superiors to their faces for being fake. Masks do nothing and nobody was following proper PPE procedures for wearing a facial covering. Clown world to the max! I’m am happy to report they did drop the face mask to voluntary. Even smart people are sheep - remind them of that.

For my company the HR policy is made in a different state as we have many locations world wide. I don't have access to any of those HR people or know who they are. I have questioned some of the local HR people but they have no power unfortunately.

It would be one thing if they had us wear a KN-95 mask which from everything i've read does filter viruses(not sure if it filters them if you wear it all day though?)

Our work place at least we can sit in our cubicles withoout having to wear a facemask, only when we get up from our cube do we have to wear one. It's hilariously stupid, you walk into the building in the morning and have to wear a mask but you sit in your cube for 99.9% of the time you are there and don't have to wear one? LOL! That 0.01% of the time you walk into the building will really stop the virus, that whole 5 to 10 second walk! But sitting in a cube for 8 hours doesn't need one.

They even put up these plastic screens inbetween cubes, but only for one side of the cubes... So the other 3 sides don't have the plastic screen lol.

As if that plastic screen would even protect anything! If a virus is airborne it will swirl around the room with the air and go around the plastic screen.

I swear, the level of utter idiocy is mind blowing.

Oops, meant to make this comment on @truthforce

Delver is one of the curation accounts.

" I have questioned some of the local HR people but they have no power unfortunately."

This is actually a strategic weapon used by corporations to prevent dissent. Simply being unavailable if you have power means your decisions go unchallenged.

And very few question the clown world .. They go along to get along..

I never thought people were this stupid. I always figured people could kind of see through at least something this simple
But not. Humanity continues to fail lol.

Clear as mud. I've given up trying to understand what the latest public health ordinances are for my location as it changes so rapidly.