This one is for all the conspiracy theorists out there, about to start making tin foil masks(and hats!) for yall.

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I put together a quick factual picture about USA covid cases.

USA Vaccinations


So, did it work? Are ya winning son?


Wait, you're telling me we aren't winning the war on covid? Nothing we did helped and now the USA is 5x daily cases now than when we were in 2021? WTF? I did my part!!


Get it? Got it? Good, Granger, for the ones who get it done.


It didn't work my lads. Throw in the towel. It's over.


GuISe, wE cAn StiLl vAccINatE oUr wAY OuT tHouGH!!!!!

We have to flatten the curve for the next 2 weeks or we are all.glong to die!

Two years later we still have lockdowns.

Wuhan had lockdowns. How did that work out.

And this is now a scam there isn't a cold season it's all covid.

If we all get boosters every 6 months and wish really hard it might work this time!

V for vendetta is set in this year... And similar parallel ideas are going on..

Those who trade their Liberty for temporary security deserve neither.

IT'S NOT A VACCINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'memba they changed dah definition!

see @kennyskitchen 's post from early last year: one of the first people to notice this ackshully Did you notice they literally re-defined vaccine?

Ya. I know hehe

from what I understand, Omicron variant doesn't work with the vaccines and as predicted, respiratory viruses tend to mutate to become more transmissible and less virulent.. which is probably what we are seeing. due to the nature of the testing and the vaccine/variant relationship (plus other things) it's only really 'all cause mortality' that can be used to assess the damage done by COVID19. Using 'cases' as a metric is 100% flawed, though obviously it doesn't stop government and mass media using it to try to sell a story.

100 percent

Many people still agree that the vaccines are good. Some people agree that it is good to take them regularly. I am not vaccinated, and I am not planning to get vaccinated either. I am against the vaccine since the start.

I am "vaccinated" with Moderna.

Though the definition of vaccine was changed to include MRNA "vaccines". They arent vaccines, vaccines have a dead or small part of a virus. MRNA "vaccines" dont do that, which is why you have to "get a booster every 3 to 6 months".

But muh vaccine.

Let's look at Gibraltar, where COVID-19 vaccination rate is 99%. Where is that herd immunity they promised?

We need 200%!

over 9000%

What?! 9000? Vegeta! This guys power level is over 9000!

Let's start pushing the Russian vaccine to really fuck with people.

Gotta take the Russian vaccine and the Moderna at the same time for the best Science.

Only then, can you truly be a Russian asset.