What's going on, are you still here during this bear market?

in #informationwar7 months ago

You will have noticed I most certainly am not.

How about you, why are you still here and what are you up to/building?

I left here for awhile due to burnout, might start making some posts again.

Looks like the same old same old is still happening eh??

Truthtellers and exposers of MSM/propaganda still being downvoted to 0?

Or have people come around to Free Speech being a virtue yet?

Literally have not looked at this for awhile.


Near as I can tell the flaggots have left the building.
The people getting downvoted now are guilty of some rules infraction.
My flag trails are sitting at 100% and that hasn't happened before.

wow so i picked a good time to come back and stir th epot

Yes, the more minnows we get to power up the sooner the whales are priced out of the market.



What uppp

not much, buddy

having a hard phase again, truly struggling to survive
and winter is coming

so I probably gotta powerdown everything again to do my best to survive.

how are you ?

It's over for me too burnt out haha

Well, they got rid of the truthtellers, and Hive began shrinking, so the fear of fire and brimstone seems to have come over them, and they are selling off their stake before it loses all it's monetary value.

Since that began, some of the truthtellers have snuck back in, and remained unmolested, while others got hit right quick and decided it was best to stay gone. There's still the witch burning mentality that's selectively applied, and some few I know that haven't bailed, like @por500bolos and @baah, I support as I am able.

Somehow, likely due to my lack of interest in money, no serious attempts have been made on me lately.

Welcome back!

I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that there is no serious effort that cares about Free Speech on this platform, actual Free Speech that is.

The HP delegations are all for random stuff that doesn't do anything for Free Speech and over time this place just became a circlejerk without an actual Ethos

The only ethos any of us have is that we express. I undertake to exercise free speech and react to censosrship as indicated, when it's necessary. If more folks do what I do, then there is an ethos and free speech is strongly supported. If more do what they do, the ethos is a circlejerk.

Nothing is over til the fat lady sings.

I'm still working to solve for the psychopaths in control...  LOL!

You Have a Choice – Will You Choose Wisely?  (article):  https://peakd.com/informationwar/@amaterasusolar/you-have-a-choice-will-you-choose-wisely

I always choose wisely, that's why I stopped posting on here for a bit haha

Haha! I do hope You choose to read.