Scenario Planning and Predictions for the 2020’s Transhumanist Global Revolution

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By now it’s probably apparent to most people that something has gone wrong. If you don’t know what that is, I’ll try to tie it all together for you, but to sum it up…

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The conspiracy theorists were correct.

Not all of them of course. But if you sided with conspiracy against mainstream news talking points since early 2020, you’ve been batting a very high average.

I’ve been suspicious of captured government intent for decades, but now it’s all coming out in the open. To briefly summarize what’s led up to this point which I go into more depth here, here, here and here, the eugenicists thought dead after WWII, have rebranded themselves as transhumanists using front associations such as the World Economic Forum to bring forth what is known as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and “The Great Reset”.

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(Yuval Noah Harari and Russel Brand - twitter)

The old arguments about sustainability, overpopulation, global warming / climate change are on a collision course with advancements in biotech which will add a century to human lifespans within a few years. The [DS] needs a way to get rid of a large number of people quickly or it will be disaster for those in power. A century of social security payments will doom their Ponzi.

I felt that something was very wrong in Sept 2019 when the repo market rate inversion occurred. Clearly the economic system is also not on a sustainable path which signaled to me that a market crash worse than 2008 is inevitable. What is also more clear now are the connections that make much of what happened since the start of “Event 201” not an accident of any sort. Whitney Webb explains it very well here:

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It was very clearly intentional at the highest levels of government. Of course there were minions of clueless “order followers” making these crimes against humanity possible. However, the proof at this point is unequivocal. I won’t lay it out all here as it’s already stated in the links above. The tragedy now is that many people will die prematurely as the clot shot continues to damage the immune systems of the people who were tricked into taking it. Fortunately a tragedy of errors as often happens in large scale operations has lessened that blow as the bioweapon which was designed by Dr Peter Dazak, Fauci et al has apparently fizzled out.

There have been calls for “pLandemic amnesty” saying such ridiculous things as “we need to forgive each other for what we did during covid”. Obviously what needs to happen is a retrial of Nuremberg 1947 where these technocrats are schooled in ethics and morality (voluntarism) and probably executed for premeditated mass murder. If Dr Reiner Fuellmich is successful, we should be seeing justice in a major way by summer 2025 over the issue of covid lockdowns. I suspect this because astrologically 2025-26 is the opposite of March 2020 when the lockdowns started.

If you understand the end goal of what needs to happen as stated on the world economic forum website you know what’s going to happen next. After 2 1/2 years of lockdowns crippling the economy combined with FED counterfeiting (they call it QE to confuse you) the world reserve currency is in a state of collapse. The Forex value of the dollar is going up because most nation state currencies are weaker than it. Economic collapse needs to happen in order for the public to accept the coming central bank digital currency. They created the covid crisis and lockdowns to accelerate the collapse and force these changes.

However there was a significant problem for these criminals. The economic system sprang a leak where ordinary people could save their retirements and their savings in something outside of their control. So they did what they do best… infiltration.

The Future of Bitcoin

The economic crash of 2008 led to Bitcoin and the Occupy movement which remarkably seemed to mimic the bitcoin source code with a decentralized means for achieving consensus. Since then the rulers of the world have done what they can to infiltrate bitcoin which isn’t easy to do. In short, the suppression of block size increases, RBF (Replace by Fee) and legal moves such as declaring it a stock subject to capital gains make it impractical for everyday transactions. Blockstream appears to try to cater to the Wall Street crowd so that the big money comes in. They want regulation which is the opposite of what Bitcoin was founded on.

There are legitimate reasons for bitcoin to go down this path. Scaling up would not have made Bitcoin able to compete with Visa/MC anyway in terms of speed. For this the second layer LN (Lightning Network) is being implemented. Also chain analytics have rendered it a surveillance coin. The three Aristotelian principles of sound money, unit of account, medium of exchange, and store of value need to be balanced for a currency to function well. Also fungibility has to be maintained.

Those associated with the WEF have also infiltrated and regulated the centralized exchanges which serve as the onramp and offramp for digital assets. The recent FTX scandal exposes the fact that it isn’t crypto which has failed, but that these CEX’s have become corrupt banks fooling people into thinking they were in control of their own money when in fact they trusted a third party. This goes directly against bitcoins ethos “don’t trust, verify”. This has had the intended effect of scaring retail out of the crypto market while the Wall Street crowd piles in.

The ties between Sam Bankman-Fried, and Gary Gensler calls into question whether Gensler was involved in setting up FTX to fail “on purpose”. Bix Weir does a great job of laying out all of the suspicious connections which smell of corruption. It's extremely suspicious that SBF hasn't been arrested yet and was still on schedule to speak with the NYT.

If you think FTX is bad, just wait until Tether gets rug pulled. Recent Tether FUD includes rumors that Alameda Research (associated with FTX) was a minter of Tether. I suspect that this is what will happen sometime next year which will be used as the excuse to not only scare everyone out of crypto into central bank digital currencies, but also implement an “internet drivers license” which will lock everyone out of doing anything not deemed acceptable by the state. [TPTB] will probably execute their long planned cyber pLandemic (called cyber polygon) which gets blamed for the banks shutting down, Tether collapse and widespread pension failures. This is assuming that Tether failure doesn’t backfire on the [CB’s] if the majority rush into Bitcoin.

If I had to guess when this happens, I would say that it would be near the time when Pluto retrogrades back into tropical Capricorn June 11, 2023, just in time for the proposed introduction of CBDC’s on July 1, 2023. The astrology of early spring 2023 suggests a relief rally in Bitcoin at the end of winter into early spring of next year (Please don’t take this as financial advice!).

Hope for a Black Swan to derail WEF plans

I hope that something goes wrong with the WEF’s plans besides mass protests like the one in Brazil supporting Bolsonaro, China protests, US election midterm recounts, etc. The real lesson here is the need for the separation of money and state. The people must learn to not accept CBDC’s (aka “coupons”) or government “fiat” since they are tools that [CB’s] can use to steal your purchasing power and limit your freedom. There’s hope in that the astrological configuration in the middle of this decade suggests a pendulum swing in the opposite direction from the political zeitgeist of early 2020.

In many ways, bitcoin resembles the “Yahoo!” of the early internet days. The search engine wars began soon after. In the same way, forks of bitcoin proliferated the number of cryptos. The early internet was transparent making the mistake of having no privacy on the base layer but eventually started to move over to https. The “s” at the end stands for “secure” which indicates an encrypted connection between you and the website. A logical extrapolation is that this same phenomenon will happen to crypto as privacy on the base blockchain layer secures financial and legal agreements.

The logical exception to this would be public blockchains like bitcoin for public money that is used in the service of a government. But will governments survive this economic collapse? Many will not in my opinion. When money stops working correctly as is often the case in hyperinflation or deflation scenarios, governments which cannot print their own currency starve. Such causes employees to walk off their jobs. That's what we have to watch out for.

If this happens, then corporations like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft could step in to form an interim government forming regional coalitions. The problem for corporate power will be centralization while Pluto transits Aquarius in the same way that Pluto transiting Capricorn has brought to the surface government corruption.

For thousands of years the state did not have the power of capturing the money and what people valued. That changed by the time the FED was created and money gradually became a system of control. The fear that the state has of not controlling the currency is irrational as proven by the history of money. During this transition to blockchain technology, governments will turn nasty, and tyrannical, committing acts of theft and violence using the color of law. They of course violate natural law in the process. This is a symptom of a dying empire and perhaps civilization collapse if we're not careful.

If we don't get locked into the CBDC system, then I think a second Nuremberg will begin around 2025 which will be around the same time that crypto mass adoption happens and a planetary congress Nuremberg 2 trial. Uranus trine Pluto in air signs signifies advances in blockchain (and other tech).

If we do get locked in, we will have no freedom and we will learn what it's like to live like the borg in star trek given enough time. The god like powers transhumanism offers would only be for the billionaire class while the rest of the human population will be downgraded to sub human. Choose your currency wisely as everything depends upon it.



website you know what’s going to happen next

If you want to know what will happen next, check out the archives on @memen.

There are more Gideon Intel Drops out, but I haven't archived them yet.

@taskmaster4450 - In the early days of the internet there were 1000's of internet service providers which worked similar to dialups where you would use the telephone company to route a call through a modem into another computer. Telephone companies started to panic because of the disintermediation of their income stream (email could replace phone calls, long distance revenue dropped). So they decided to become the access point to stay in control of the decentralizing effect of people dialing up into each others computers. The early "windows for workgroups 3.11" had an application called Telnet that would allow this kind of connection in the early 90's.

These days, telephone companies have become the gate keepers to the internet by rebranded themselves as communication technologies. Then they bought each other into a mostly single conglomeration company that controls access. This has become a centralized choke hold point through which an "internet drivers license" can be implemented as the Hegelian response to the cyber plandemic exercises of Klaus Schwab and the WEF have planned (probably when they do the Tether rug pull).

There are ways to defeat the tracking of IP addresses by such technologies as chain analytics (used to track bitcoin). Edward Snowden used both Tails and Qubes (Linux distros) to make sure that machine (mac addresses) are spoofed and IP's are chain proxied, etc. However, if you ever interacted with your crypto without using ToR (The Onion Router), there will be a record that can be traced back to either a VPN log or you directly. Typically a centralized exchange will associate the KYC data to an exit address (bitcoin or private crypto wallet) giving it your identity.

If you mined your crypto using ToR, there is no KYC for those coinbase awards, but they also have no "dirty history" or "taint" as the CFTC would call it. Bitcoin being a transparent ledger though can be monitored for future IP address interaction by chain analytics and use a form of eigenvector analysis to probabilistically guess the owner (which will fail if ToR is always used).

There are coins out there that are not transparent, and cannot be monitored using zero knowledge proofs. There are DEX technologies like atomic swaps that do not use centralized exchanges or entities where human decisions can be made. They are unconscious code operating "boolean like" decisions as to whether a UTXO is valid or not. The problem with these technologies up to this point has been the lack of liquidity.

The question that remains is which way does the system break? Does it favor decentralization or centralized control?

The early days of the internet were transparent with http. Now it's rare for a website to operate without http(S). The same is already happening in the crypto industry and projects like Monero have been gaining recently against Bitcoin. People forget (or never knew) that Satoshi Nakamoto was intrigued by the developments in privacy, saying on that (he/she/they) didn't know how to implement it.

Some are still making the assertion that the seemingly "all powerful" cabal is still fully in control. Maybe in control enough to survive the coming collapse, but from my perspective, definitely not God.