PSA: Tags

in #innerhive4 years ago
  1. Use Tags that accurately describe your content
  2. Use Tags that are terms people understand and will search for
  3. Don't use TOO MANY tags (spam is gross)
  4. More Tags ≠ More Votes!

InnerHive going to come to Murphy's Bar? Picked up our first drunk in the first 5 minutes the bar opened. We just opened 😁

I think it's more likely Murphy's Bar would be coming to innerhive.

Good point! I meant for a drink . Glad to be on hive cheers!😀

Lol, who looks by tags other than for contests?

What is it you look by?

Following and now communities. I guess communities are sorta like tags considering they use tags.

Good to know. Thanks for the input.

Just followed you, please let’s together make #Hive great!

There may be a need for a stream of educational content for new users.

In hope that some sleepy communities like #gems will improve ;)

A complete reform of tags needed in Hive.

In Steem we had resources to explore -- one was called, "Tags." That ability does not seem to have survived the fork to Hive. So, people have to guesstimate, which is never good ... perhaps "50 solid tags" would be a helpful resource.

Now if only there was an easier way to explore the most popular tags rather than just searching for whatever tag comes to mind. Although that does indeed work, some people are just not very bright and do not think for themselves very often.

Whats the prizepool for?

Hmm.. between creativity and solid/ clear user guideline.. Tags are generally so much used in offices. Some freight companies or IT use that to categorize their emails or information.

I have been paying attention to this lately and Ieill reduce the number of tags I use.