Insects Of The World - CURATION REPORT - September 2021 - #18

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Good day to everyone on the Hive blockchain!


Here is another edition of Insects of the World Curation Report where we bring to you the bests out of the bests in the community. We all know that even among the panoply of posts that are published in the community daily, a few usually stand out.

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Before going into the business of the day, it would do us a lot of good if we can refreshen our memory concerning what is required of us in the community. A user will do almost nothing wrong if they can stick to the following RULES:

  • There must be multiple images of the insect in question, shot from different angles by the author himself and capturing the essential features. Images should be well resolved and not edited in any form besides resizing.

  • Images must be accompanied by DESCRIPTIVE TEXT or a nice article relating to the images. The community is not photography, remember. Tell us something about the images you are posting.

  • The SCIENTIFIC NAME of your shown species should be written in the title. It is also APPRECIATED if you are adding a full identification and as many details as possible to your chosen species, such as appearance, diet, peculiarities and more.

  • The chosen insect should be unique in a way. 10 posts with images of the same species will definitely be boring. SO please avoid common insects except there is something unique about them that has rarely been seen in the community.

  • Engagement is key! There is no community without engagement.

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Here are our CURATED POSTS for this week ^^

@nerdylensAmata - Tiger Moth


These moth are commonly found around the playground area near my house. These moth does not run away when I approached them to take pictures. As long I did not make a sudden move, the moth will stay at the same spot.

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@alexaivytorresA beautiful Atta Queen


The rains bring as a consequence the departure of beautiful insects, which for one reason or another leave their shelters. On this occasion, I was able to collect a bachaco, which in my Venezuelan homeland is known as culón, because of the size of its gaster.

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@soehadaAt first I was attracted by the color


Dominating every area of ​​timber trees that have fruit and also every other wild plant, farmers generally say that as an enemy or referred to as a destructive pest, he is the Kumbang Pengerek Kayu Wood Borer' beetle or in English called Weevils, although he often hoists wood, he also likes to destroy leaves.

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@sreypovInsect Hunting A Snake Surprise In The Garden


During the time I find insects in banana garden, it was raining a little bit but I do not come back home because I didn’t took a picture of insects. After the sun shine the light and the rain is gone but the sun opens its light too much.

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@akukamaruzzamanAscalaphus sinister: Copper-red Owlfly


Ascalaphus is a genus of owlflies belonging to the family Ascalaphidae. The habitat of this genus is often found in Asia and Africa. Recently, I found an owlfly in the North Aceh area. I think this is a male Ascalaphus sinister sp.

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@afridany1Beautiful Yellow Dragonfly


This is a yellow dragonfly, he is one of the most powerful predators and very great at survival. Both in the dry season and the rainy season. If it comes in swarms it will eat all the caterpillars that are on the leaves.

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That brings the selections for this edition to a close. Like I always say, if you have any questions/concerns/clarifications about curation in the Insects Of The World Community, feel free to contact any of the community moderators via DNA Discord.

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Best wishes,
Lourdeshd6, Nicanor-mosquera


Thank you so much for mention my post here.

It was a really nice post @sreypov ^^ .. I really liked the butterfly. luckily the snake was quite small and you don't met a huge and hostile one :)