Hewpin My Gur Husew

in #inspirational4 years ago

My girl starting to hustle. I’m proud of her cuz I been providin for her since not long after I metter. She selling stuff on eBay and lil market places. She better than me cause if I was her I’d keep just living off of me. That’s the easy way. But I won’t tell her that hahaaaa. But I like seeing her grind and take the pictures and hustle like me. No boss. I gave her the idea to start selling our kids old baby stuff. And every na and den she tail me she sold something. Or at sum point in da day our doebell will ring and it will be some Hispanic at our house to pick up something.
She got me inspired to help. I might start lookin for stuff at yard sales ta sell witter. Not even for da moneh but just for da fun ya feh meh. Yea imma do dat.



that's nice selling your home used stuff online. I love to buy some quality second hand stuff especially children's toys or gear that we might not need for long period of time because we don't have a place to store them once they have grown out of them.

Yea we b tryna save space

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