International Dog's Day - my best friend ❤️

Man's best friend.

Not that we need to say more than that. But let's take a moment and appreciate our four legged companion.
From the day one, to the last day, all they feel for us is love, all they give us is unconditional love.


This "used to be little lady" is Nala. Small cute little baby, we took her from shelter, and gave her warm and pleasant home.
What a happy little dog she was, so cheerful around people, especially around the children. Her tail always rocks back and forth, so much happiness in such a little creature. Her given name was Oti, but I thought she should have name that was more powerful, and what's more powerful than Nala, the lioness.

Two years later, she's still cheerful and happy to see people and other animals. Somehow she is way bigger now, and way cuter, if possible.
You can be the judge.... 😉



Let me say this, this photo was so hard to take, I have maybe few decent photos from Nala, because she's NEVER EVER still! We have to take like 1000 photos before we get one that's good.

Take care of your lovely little friends, no one's happier then them when they see us.

Man's best friend. 🐕








I hope your day just got bit more sweet. ♥️😚