Games in DGameMarket without Fee for BATTLE users! IntinteDAO's report #2

in #intintedao2 years ago

If you want to buy games for the Steam platform even cheaper, you can buy them using the BATTLE token! BATTLE users have cheaper games in DGameMarket for a transaction fee (5 cents).

This is the most important, but not the only update in DGameMarket. We have also added information about the lowest prices for the games you sell to your profile. You will be able to decide whether to lower the title price or not.

As some people know, we are working on SteemNova 2. The work is slowly moving forward and we want to publish it on October 1, 2019 (if all goes well) ;)

For now we're talking about a token and working on a new skin.


I am exited for steemnova2

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