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Hello everyone!

This is Love Sniper, OCD's bot created by @rishi556 that scours the Hive blockchain for first posts published by newbies. If the first post is not an intro post, @lovesniper will drop a comment indicating that the newbie is encouraged to publish an introduction post. Love sniper will then follow the newbie to monitor if he/she has posted his/her introduction post.

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Here the recommended posts for OCD upvote for this batch of intro post curation:

Newbie: @maheart

Hello, Maheart here!

Hi everyone! This is Maheart and I hope you are all doing well guys 😁. I am 20 yrs. old and I am from the "City of Smiles", Bacolod City. Right now I am taking Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology. I am the youngest in the family and I have 3 siblings. My father died 7 years ago and my mother was the one who raised us since then. My mother worked hard for us to finish our studies. Thankfully, my two siblings have graduated in college and also helped our family. I am thankful that my family stayed strong and right now I am very happy to be with them.

Newbie: @rochtells

Roch Tells: A Self-Introduction

So, this is Hive, a space where you can freely share your passions and interests with people. Finally, I'm very pleased to become part of this community and introduce myself to everyone. Anyway, before I get started, I hope everyone is doing well.

Newbie: @anastasia10

My Introductory Post//Meet Anastasia

I heard of Hive Blockchain From a very close friend of mine @ovey10,who is also my neighbor in school,and I got motivated after seeing the progress he has made in just a short period of time.Even though I'm not a writer i hope I will be able to learn from the great people of the great communities of Hive,I hope to build my confidence, develop writing skills, improve on myself and become more creative. Since I am a newbie I hope I will be welcomed well. And with my little experience in life I take on this journey as I become better.

Newbie: @profedgar


I am practicing education since 2005, teaching young people between 11 to 18 years of age, my beginnings of the teaching career I made in the rural area until 2008 and then in the urban area until today, for a short time I worked teaching at the university level and was a union leader, fitness fanatic world.
Since I was young I felt a passion for reading, as every introverted person we like to enjoy the solitude and read a good book, that led me to fall in love with the stories of things, the people, stories that inspired me to write, especially romantic poems, but my passion for hevy metal and being a fan of writers like: Edgar Alan Poe, Horario Quiroga and Oscar Wilder inspired me to write short stories with melancholic and dark tendencies, I have several stories that I would like to share in this great community.

Newbie: @peggydelvalle1

Introduce Myself ! Mi presentación en HIVE [ESP-ENG]

I really enjoy nature walks, good food, good music, traveling and being able to share with my friends and enjoy the important moments with my family. I like animals I have a parrot named Lorenzo, I am passionate about studying languages like Italian and I would love to know Italy to put into practice my teachings, I like movies I enjoy a good movie or series I also do exercises and I like to take care of my diet, I love to have a good coffee at any time of the day, now I will talk about my grandchildren Aaron Nicole and Zoé each one different good intelligent and super affectionate children, I enjoy their company I spoil them a lot as all grandparents do.

Newbie: @consuelito2024

I'm so excited! I've arrived at Hive, learn my story! ENG-ESP

Hello, Hello! Where are those charismatic, friendly and enthusiastic people of Hive? I want to meet you and learn from you about this world, which is a challenge for me and which I am happy to take on. Am I scared? Yes, very much so. I have been putting off my presentation for days, and I must confess that I have felt a bit of anxiety, but I have never let my fear of failing be stronger than my desire to succeed, and here I am trying to be coherent with my words and leave in these lines part of my essence. A little bit of me.

Newbie: @jonathan7

"New beginnings, new dreams. Let's start fresh! 👌"

Hello everyone here on Hive Blog! My name is Jonathan, and I'm looking forward to getting to know some of you and sharing pieces of my life here. This is my first time posting here. I was born and raised in the province of Laguna, located in the Philippines.

Newbie: @gorilaskt


Hello, I'm Andres, I'm Venezuelan, although I currently live in Colombia. I have been skating at night with friends for some time and what you will see is something of what we have achieved. I hope the entire community likes it.

Newbie: @reyven13

Now Presenting...

Fireworks— a striking and beautiful display of explosives that lights up the sky with its beautiful array of colors for people to see but as beautiful as it is, fireworks quickly vanishes as soon as they appear in the eyes of its audience.

Newbie: @keith-allen15


In this picture, you can see me and my girlfriend, and I really adore her. She's one of a kind, and that's what makes her stand out to me. Whenever she's with me, it feels like everything's just right. Even her laugh, which some people might find odd, brightens up my day. To me, she's like a valuable treasure, and I'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe and happy. ME AND HER👩‍❤️‍👨

Newbie: @thesoulofsol13


Welcome, dear reader!

I am thesoulofsol, a name that echoes my radiant spirit and passion for life. But in everyday realm, you can call me Jessa Mae Ubas. At a tender age of 16, I find myself immersed in the fascinating world of Humanities and Social Sciences, a field that allows me to explore the depths of human experience and social structures.

Everyday is a new chapter in my journey, a fresh page on which I write my story. I am more than just a student; I am a dreamer, a thinker, a seeker of knowledge. I believe in the power of words, the magic of art, and the beauty of human connection.

Newbie: @davidtyler


Know More About Me

Why shouldn't you be more open to try new things? You never know you like something unless you try. I only care for myself. I made mistakes. I am who I am. I believe that I am good and I also believe that I am capable of being better. I have always been proud of myself despite the judgments that I've received in the past. I will never be ashamed of the fact that I am strong.

Newbie: @stefan.mechoka

Моето представяне в Ecency Bulfaria/ My entry to ecency bulgaria

We are currently settled and spending time in the village with family.

In the summer, we take care of a large garden, planting, of course, less of everything: Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic, carrots,
peppers, peppers, eggplants, pumpkin, cabbage, potatoes, legumes, etc
Of course, in the garden, some permanent that do not require additional sowing, such as strawberries, raspberries, and floor trees.

I am currently engaged in work on houses, apart

Newbie: @mnemosyne-shih


Hello, Hivers! Finally, I found myself here already! 😊 After how many attempts, denials, and delays, I am here already, writing my 1st piece... finding myself in this room because of life's surprises— more of a redirection.

Newbie: @itsmejaszy

A Journey to the Heart of Writing

Hey, hey, hey! What a fantabulous day Hivers! First off, I would like to thank all of you for sparing your time here reading my very first blog. I can’t wait to share with you all the great things and the small wins that made me who and what I am today. My name is Jasper Jay Dionela, I am the eldest of the four siblings. I have a younger brother, and two younger sisters. I am a Capricorn, born on the 29th of December.

Newbie: @haruki.tls123

A Little Exploration To My Big Life

Hello, everyone! My name is Christian Joy Soreño Anobling, and I am thrilled to share a glimpse of my journey with you. I am currently 18 years of age and I currently reside in the vibrant City of Naga, Cebu, Philippines a place filled with warmth and community spirit. It is here, amidst the bustling streets and lush landscapes, that I have found a home surrounded by the unwavering love and support of my family. My parents, Cherryl and Joey Oliva Anobling, alongside my younger brother, John Michael, have been my pillars of strength, guiding me through life's adventures with their boundless love,encouragement, and unwavering faith.

Newbie: @victormanuelmcy

Mi Primer Paso En Hive Esp-Ing

Greetings, Hive my name is Victor Manuel, I am 29 years old, I was born in Venezuela. I will tell you a little about myself, I am a singer of Urban Music and Composer, my first beginnings were in 2015 in a musical stadium called La Universidad De La Musica Records, I still remember my first Reggaeton song called En la Disco, I started it as a duo with a childhood friend, we started our career as a duo Victor and Deig "El Duo Perfecto", it was a trajectory of two years where we began to compose different songs, our sound was varied, Electro Merengue, Reggaeton, Dance, Electro Merengue and Reggaeton. It was a trajectory of two years where we began to compose different songs, our sound was varied, Electro Merengue, Reggaeton, Dance among others, we performed in different parts of the country, our project was going great, but from one moment to another by the situation of the country our careers were separated and now I am as a soloist, a new stage and a new beginning for me where I want to show the best of me, bring a varied and gustable sound for the community, where they can find a sound of different genres. It is a desire for me to succeed in what I have been doing for a long time, I know that with work and effort and the support of many I will achieve the goal.

Newbie: @ella-bella

My Writing Odyssey

Fabulous Day, Hivers! Hope y'll doing well! First, I would like to thank you all for putting your spare time reading my first blog. It may be far from perfect but I hope you find it interesting. Today, I come to realize that the saying "First steps are always the hardest" is true. To be honest I don't see myself coming to this point. Hence, as time goes by I realize there are a lot of thoughts in my mind that I would like to share through writing.

Newbie: @jhe.zang

Introduction Post - Getting Out of My Comfort Zone : A New World of Possibilities

Again, I’m @jhe-zang a 1st year college student taking Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED) currently studying at Benguet State University. Being college is difficult especially in teacher education they said that if you’re going to be a teacher you should be smart enough because you should have more knowledge to teach your students. That's why I promise myself to study more have a enough knowledge so that I can teach them well. Being a first year student is so hard because our teachers is already giving us so many activities like creating instructional materials for our soon to be learners. Especially now that we are in second semester we spent a lot of money because of creating instructional materials . But even if it is hard I can do it, because I have a family who supports me. And I will do it for my future and for the future of my soon to be learners, and I believe in the saying that "if they can, then you can". I will be patient until I finally reach my goal which is graduating as a teacher, and as I promise I will keep on learning until the time comes that I am standing in front of my students teaching them until thyy also reach their dreams.

Newbie: @norisplus

Incursionando en la Blockchain de Hive // Foraying into the Hive Blockchain

I am the mother of @joheredia21 and @mclarenf11, my wonderful children who are my reason for being and my greatest pride. And if you are wondering if I am a "grandmother", well yes, although I didn't want to be one so soon, when I was 57 years old, my granddaughter Camila was born, a lovely and super cool girl, my crazy love; for now she is my only granddaughter and she makes me very happy.

Newbie: @maholiramosc

Acompáñame en este viaje llamado vida.

I am Maholi Ramos, a Venezuelan woman and mother. I was born in Vargas. I am 35 years old. I am a loving and patient person, but also with a lot of strength and determination. I have a wonderful family that I consider my great treasure. My mother is my great support, my father my knight in shining armor, my brother my soul mate, my son is the light of my day and my pets my daily adventure.

I have four cats, one dog, and two morrocoy, so my life is full of adventures hahaha. I love being in contact with nature. I have the joy of enjoying the sea every day and connect with mother earth through the beautiful garden of my house. I am not religious but highly spiritual. I firmly believe that being is more important than doing and we can make the world a better place with love.

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