Delta. Don't let down your guard!

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The debrief has been completed and the acquisition is complete. The cash was left on the table, about thirty percent more than the current valuation, and the next steps are now in play.

The story you are about to hear is true. The names have been changed to protect the targets before their time. My main contact is Delta Echo for now as has been the case for several years. Our mission is benevolent but there is a chance things could go south.


He is in deep with others who have openly expressed allegiance with what they call innocent compliance with the enemy. My hope is in DE because he has shown loyalty above all others, with a spark of independent bravery in situations that would topple most. My hope has not been placed in vain. Oddly enough, there existed one other Delta Echo a generation before him who held on until the end, the leader until 1990, who expired just after having met DE in the early two thousands.

I cannot talk about specifics but those involved will find these communications one day and will be able to put things together very easily. Much has been revealed personally before I purchased these keys. I was assured that everything I write would survive here due to the distributed nature of this venue. I hope you do not mind if I write directly to the brotherhood and others because there are things they need to know just in case I meet the same fate as our leader did.

The enemy that I mentioned, on the surface, is benign enough but heavily infiltrated as you look higher and higher up in the power structure. I guess that would be the case in clubs, churches, mosques, industries, municipalities, state or national governments. The enemy I am talking about is only an enemy due to the unspoken agenda of the people on the higher rungs. Those who attain that level are themselves infiltrated, having said 'yes' to the gifts or bribes from those who are unwilling to put in the time in said organization, but want the power there. They pull the strings when they want something done.

Once person accepts the initial favor, monetary or other, they get sucked in as they say. One might be asked to return the favor. "It is just a little thing. I would do it myself, but you are in a better position to take care of it." they say. If the organization is evil, which our enemy is, they will request larger and more gut wrenching acts and when you react to their proposition, there is always a larger amount of money or better reward for each deed.

There is a saying. These things will take you farther than you are willing to go and cost you more than you are willing to pay. Then they will keep you longer than you are willing to stay.

I have been down those roads and they always lead to a cliff or a bad neighborhood!

Give and Take

Everyone knows the idea of give and take. It works in friendships and relationships alike. When the ask is greater than the paycheck (favor), disappointment sets in. When disappointment reaches critical mass, the friendship or relationship is over. When the first favor is a great career though, terminating the relationship is an option that is hard to select.

After you have been taken farther than you were willing to go, silence may be the only pay for doing the requested tasks. Blackmail.

Ghosts and Spirits

These guys might be a bit off topic as a matter of belief or not in the spiritual world, but simply telling a lie can have consequences.


Like the proverbial angel and devil appearing on the shoulders of someone who is about to make one of those fateful decisions, there is a voice that speaks to each one of us when we are at a fork in the road. The impact of the decision could be as small as a stomach ache when choosing which leftovers to eat or maybe it is a larger impact like the permanence of a tattoo.

Sometimes the choice is as simple as letting your guard down. That is the case recently with DE whose brakes while in pursuit of an asset which cost him an abdominal scar, the worse of his injuries. This was his second such incident in just a few months. His personal vehicle has been down for several weeks as we assess the situation. I am of the opinion that this could have been avoided before leaving. The brake lines, had he inspected them, would have told the future. Hiring a car would have been prudent.

I am going to leave it there. DE is coming in to meet shortly. I am not sure how satirical my writings will be but I liked the name. These logs are not for public consumption. Read them if you like. It is all the same to me.