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Hi everybody! I’m a girl from Lithuania, a tiny country in the northern Europe, even though my current home is Spain – the land of the sun, palm trees and happy faces😊.

I think it’s important to have passions in life and I have quite a few of them: playing the guitar, singing, dancing, learning foreign languages and others, but the greatest one is travelling! Therefore, in my articles, I’m going to have the pleasure of presenting you different countries in the world (the ones I’ve already been to and the ones I’d love to go to). I’m going to focus on their culture, language, religion, cuisine, inhabitants as well as other features, making comparisons and incorporating my personal experiences. I hope my articles will be useful for the ones who are interested in getting to know different countries and hopefully will inspire you for your future trips and adventures because the world is waiting for you to be explored!

So…, let’s start the journey together!


Welcome to Steemit @Ginamber

may of us Steemians are into traveling, so you'll fit right in. Continue posting original, genuine, quality content like this introduction and I think you'll go far! Cheers, and #keepstackin!

@ginamber I also newcomer of Steemit, I resteemed your post unexpectedly, and I find that there is no way to undo Resteem action ^^. Btw, Welcome to Steemit and hope you enjoy this nice community

Welcome to Steemit @ginamber. Am sure you'll find lots of like minded people here who share your views and are eager to know you better. Wishing you the best

Hello @ginamber! Welcome to Steemit. I wish you the best in this great community ^_^

Welcome, and Good Luck!

welcome to steemit!:)

Hey dear
Welcome to steemit
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Hey There i hope you enjoy it here! looking forward to seeing your journey :)

Welcome to Steem Community @ginamber! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

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welcome to steemit. These are the most important factors of a country. Which makes a country exciting to go. Looking forward to your blogs. Best of luck.

Welcome to the steemit fam ! :D

Welcome to steemit @ginamber