An introduction about me to you.

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Hello friends ,

My name is Gyandip Baruah and i am from India. I am a new member of your community, the steemit community.I am an associated student of science. The name of my college is B Borooah College, Guwahati and I am doing my Bachelor Degree at this college.I am 19 years old boy.My house is located on Nalbari city (One of the beautiful city of our state) and I had completed my school life in here .My father is a Police Officer by profession and my mother is a housewife.I also have a sister who is 5 years younger than me.So you have seen that i have a small family but a very happy family.


Steemit is that platform where one can introduce himself as a writer, author, thinker. So when I heard about steemit from one of my friend, then I thought that I have got the right chance through which I can perform my talent as well as my thinking.So I have come to your family(steemit) hoping that you will found interesting and can enjoy when you read my stories . One of my friend who is also belongs to steemit family since one year , said that an introduction post can make our face familiar among our friends on steemit. And I also thought that an introduction post can change ones thought about the writer . Yes , this is my first post , and I have introduced myself to you . So please friends , help me on this so that I can write like you , think like you and please support me in my life. Thank you friends .

Thank you all.


Welcome brother..
Hope we will get awesome posts from you.

Hello Gyandip. How are you? Finally axom r pora u bahut join kori ase! Thank god....

Ya I am fine friend . Bohute njane amr axomr aru jona bureo issa nkore . Thank you .

Welcome friend