Introduce Myself as a gym lover-my frist post on hive

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Hii hive family how are you I hope you all good and doing something creative in your life.

Today I am here to introduce myself in front of hive family

**I am vishnu chaudhary from Rajasthan india. And I am doing right now follow my passion with my study. I am a 18year old short thinker guys. **

I started gym last year and doing it very well with discipline now I am looking a change on my body


i want a very big body shape in any condition and I will do everything for it this is my dream


**Again hello to hivers now I will talk about hive community.i got to know about hive from my brother who's interested in crypto and marketing.and now I am here with all of you.

**I hope you all help me to understand all complications of this community.
Thanks 🙏🙏


from gymlover


Yay! 🤗
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Hello, @gymlover

This is @fionasfavourites from the @ocd (Original Content Decentralized) curation team. We noticed you shared your first post here on Hive - congratulations and welcome! It would also be awesome if you could do a more detailed introduction post, so our community can get to know you better. For an example of what an intro post is like, you can check out this one by my friend & curation team member - Keeping Up With the Buzz – My Introduction to the Hive Community.

Speaking of community, we have many different ones here on the blockchain, devoted to all kinds of interests. Here's a link so you can check them all out – Hive Communities.

Also since you're new, you may run into an RC (Resource Credits) error when trying to comment/post because you don't yet have enough Hive in your account yet. For assistance with a temporary delegation to get you started, be sure to check out the Gift Giver site.

Also, as this the hive can be quite confusing, the newly launched Newbies Guide is a growing repository of useful – easy to understand – posts about how the Hive ecosystem works.

For now, @lovesniper will follow your account and we are looking forward to seeing your intro post. Also, you are welcome to tag me (@fionasfavourites) and please mention @lovesniper in your intro post in order for us to be notified, so we can consider your post for OCD curation. Feel free to hop into the OCD Discord server if you have any questions!