My introduction to Hive


Good afternoon friends of hive, after a long time in the chain of steem I see with much interest this new ecosystem that was born of steemit, I began in that platform a little but of 2 years ago, nevertheless I left that platform due to diverse problems in this blockchain, without a doubt that at the beginning everything was of wonder, but soon it was degrading until good already it was not what was looking for, a social network this made to express all our potential, already be in any expression of art, call painting, writing, music etc.

That is why the birth of hive makes me think that this blockchain will give more opportunities to those artists, I will bet on it. This is my introduction...

My name is Luis Velasquez, a Venezuelan national. My profession is engineer geologist, without a doubt, analyzing and learning from the earth is my passion. I have many hobbies, but without a doubt the blockchain games have captured my attention and without a doubt splinterlands has captured my attention. I love the way they made the cards very good designs, and the way the battles work catches you immediately. Simply a great creation, congratulations to its creators.
Open chest of splinterlands is muy new hobby

The pictures is take to my cel phone zte blade l8


Hello and welcome!! 🙂

I hope you find Hive better than you did Steem. There are many communities here that would love to see and curate any art, painting, writing, music that you might have to offer. 😃

Splinterlands is a great blockchain game! Hoping to see more success in the blockchain gaming scene in coming days.