Full Steem Ahead: Anti-Media Joins the Steemit Revolution

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Anti-Media’s evolution from a fiercely independent news blog to the Homepage of Independent Media continues, and Steemit is our next evolutionary step. Our journey started in 2012 when our founder, Nick Bernabe, launched a small, anti-establishment Facebook page with a rudimentary meme created in MS Paint.

image 1

This grew into millions of social media followers, hundreds of millions of visits to our website, and our memes have been seen billions of times. Anti-Media kickstarted the 2013 #NoWarWithSyria decentralized anti-war movement off the back of a single meme, which manifested into protests across 50 cities in the U.S. and around the world. Some people are still sporting the profile picture we created for the movement on social media.

NWWS Image 2

Anti-Media is a non-partisan, adversarial news/graphics publisher and crowd-curated media aggregator staffed by numerous anarchists and activists who want to change the world by setting it free (you can see some of our more well-known graphics below). But let’s just say the Internet’s media gatekeepers don’t exactly encourage keeping government, politicians, and their corporate welfare beneficiaries accountable to the public, nor do they endorse demolishing the statist mindset and ideology that props up these power structures.

Greenwald image 3

Though we’ve long enjoyed success on traditional social media platforms, in the last couple of years our ability to reach people has changed drastically.

We’ve seen our articles documenting war crimes de-monetized by Google. We’ve had our Facebook page banned for calling out politicians on their lies. We’ve seen YouTube videos, including those by our editor-in-chief, stripped of ads for not being “brand safe” or politically correct. And Reddit shadowbanned us after our investigation of Nestle’s state-sanctioned theft of California drinking water went viral and made it to the front page — twice!

image 4
(A poster we created about Homan Square, which was later used by The Guardian)

It’s not exactly lucrative these days to challenge the status quo and ask the toughest questions. Soft corporate censorship is at an all-time high as Facebook, Google, and YouTube continue their war on independent content creators, and the federal government continues to take steps to undermine independent media in general. But we hope to overcome these challenges and keep spreading the message of freedom by joining the Steemit community.

image 5

Several of our journalists are already on Steemit, including Carey Wedler ( @careywedler), Derrick Broze ( @dbroze), Jake Anderson ( @jakeofthefoliage), and Darius Shahtahmasebi ( @realdariuss), and they have found a receptive, enthusiastic community that is passionate not only about changing the centralized, statist paradigm but also actually using technology to make a tangible difference. Anti-Media is excited to be a part of this disruptive effort because we know cryptocurrencies and decentralized blockchain technology are changing the world for the better. We’ve decided it’s time for us to be part of this amazing solution rather than relying on government-aligned platforms like Facebook and Google.

image 6

From this point on, we will dedicate a substantial portion of our editorial resources to Steemit exclusively, and with the help of Steemians, we’ll bring hard-hitting, professionally edited and fact-checked news to the Steemit community.

We will be dedicating less and less of our resources to centralized social media, and we’ll be leveraging our 2 million+ followers on to Steemit. It’s full Steem ahead for Anti-Media.




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This is Stephanie from Heavy! Welcome Anti-Media! Glad to see you on here! :) Will definitely be following you closely. You're a great independent media source for sure. I've known about the Facebook and YouTube issues, but I had no idea you were shadowbanned on Reddit. That's crazy. :( Well, that certainly won't be happening here on Steemit, the home of freedom and independent thinking. :)

Thanks Stephanie, and thanks for supporting our work with the G3 Group too :) Following you back as well!

It is a very good post same as so many ve seen here on steemit but from your comment it seems you are taking a particular great interest in this very one.
Is there something here am not yet seeing?

Welcome to Steemit ✌️

Hi @antimedia! We have followed your work on fb for quite some time! Thank you for all that you do. Are you still a member of the conscious media Coalition? https://www.consciousmediacoalition.com/

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hey, I'm stoked to see this. I'm glad Carey felt at home. I'd love to have you guys on my radio show and introduce you to the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network which is home to over 11,000 active Steemians in the community.

Awesome @aggroed I'd love to join you! Please email me so we can schedule it: [email protected]


i like this post The censorship on Reddit is why I came here over a year ago after they began to ban subs. But the legacy SMS are the past, Steemit, D-Tube, D-Live, decentralization and the blockchain is the future. thank you for sharing this post

Yep i wudnt agree less on what you are seeing as the future

Exciting! Welcome to Steemit! New follower here (I do GekeVenns)

From a regular reader, welcome to Steemit!
The censorship on Reddit is why I came here over a year ago after they began to ban subs. But the legacy SMS are the past, Steemit, D-Tube, D-Live, decentralization and the blockchain is the future.

Welcome aboard.

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Thank you so much @v4vapid ! Following you back :)

Great to see here! Following :)

It's so beautiful to have you here on steemit. I took time to come welcome you and I know you will love it here. Welcome to our family. @greatness96

Let Freedom Reign...

Nice to see you on this platform. Keep up the great work!

Thank you! We plan on it :-)

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Welcome to steemit! Looking forward to reading future posts from you, I'm intrigued!

One does not have to agree with everything people publish on steemit, but its is nonetheless that people have the right to publish what they want without being censored. Welcome to steemit.

Congratulations, that's fantastic news. Resteemed! If you would like to join our Discord server, the link is here: https://discord.gg/YPxZeZR


This is great. We need more journalism on Steemit. Perfect home for you here. Welcome.

Well hopefully we can fill that gap in a big way :-)

Thank you!

i like what i'm seeing here / new follower

no war

Awesome thanks for following! We cover foreign policy critically and extensively on a daily basis. Here's what we posted today:




We hope you find value in our work!

Fantastic i did not know sbout this before so thank you for bring it to steemit.

Hey. Its me! Darius, Anti-media`s star writer . good to see us rocking steemit finally.

You're a lawyer and an author -- so am I! Following you! Do you still practice law? I'm a full-time writer myself now, but I find my law education certainly improved my writing and my ability to see multiple angles on a topic.

Welcome ...Saw your announcement on my twitter feed clicked over to follow...this is much better than Facebook....I hope Steemit will send FB the way of MySpace

Thanks @myobservations ! We're so tired of fighting algorithmic censorship from social media sites that don't want us around to begin with. We're really excited to be joining Steemit because it seems like we may actually be wanted here! lol. Peace and we'll see you around followed

Ever since I saw that movie based on the 1999 WTO protest in Seattle Ive been extremely interested in what goes on behind the scenes that for some reason always seem to be hidden from mainstream media. battle in seattle.jpgDecentralization is the new weapon. Following in 3...2...1... :) Welcome to Steemit !

Very cool to see you guys coming to steemit. Steemit is a place for free speech that is uncensored and that’s aexactly what you guys need. Been following you guys for a while and I’m exited to follow you here and support youwith my vote.

Looking forward to your future posts!

hooray! so glad to see you here. :)

<3 Hey now! Pretty awesome start! <3

Welcome to the big show @antimedia glad to have you here ! Steem 2018

Breaking obsolete systems in a few words, you also have my support!

Nice to see you found your way to Steemit! So, welcome aboard and enjoy your stay! Already waiting for your next story!

And for your information, we made a dedicated notification app, called Steemify, we as @blockbrothers build this app. Just download it for free and never miss out on any notification!

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Welcome friend. Hope you like it here.

its great, we are excited

free speech is a troubled concept nowadays

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yea i'll change that a bit more when these pills take hold ... or not , but i wouldnt if i didnt mean it


welcome to steemit! I have been following on fb for awhile nice to see you all here

It's awesome to see you on steemit! Upvoted and resteemed.

Hi Antimedia, just followed you. Nice content even if I am more focused on crypto news. Welcome on Steemit!

Good work,good posts.

This is awesome news! I am so glad that you guys joined the Steem Blockchain!!

Welcome to our world.

really very interesting

Welcome to steemit @antimedia

Good blog ..
I am really appreciate to see this post ...
Carry on. best of luck dear

Welcome to the Steemit, so excited to have you on the platform!

This is quickly becoming THE place to find honest media!

Up-voted, re-steemed, and followed for sure!

Thank you! We're certainly happy to be here :-)

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Thanks twitterbot!

Welcome to steemit antimedia. Best of luck to you!

Very glad to see you guys on here. This is where you belong!

This site and cryptocurrency is becoming more popular, the world of internet is changing indeed

Welcome, I was observing your information and I find it very interesting, you have my vote, I would like to share it with the whole community and support each other with the votes, I invite you to visit my blog so we can continue to grow and learn more every day, I wish success in Steemit.

on point, Great Job!!!

Awesome! Happy to see Anti Media making the transition over to Steemit.

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